Message From Spirit {Feb 25 to March 3}

This week’s Message From Spirit once again comes through with the help of Toni Carmine Salerno’s “Ask An Angel” oracle cards.  This week the angels are binging through a strong message of working on some inner changes and turning bad experiences and lower vibrational energy into things that will be able to teach and guide us in the future.  It’s not an easy process and it looks like some darker shadow energies may pop up as the week goes on.




As we start out the week we have Archangel Uriel with the Alchemy card.  It’s time to stop being upset or bothered by something that hasn’t been going as planned and instead find ways to turn this less then stellar experience into something that you can use to your benefit in the future.  Alchemy is the mystical practice of raising the vibration of a base material like metal, something perceived as lacking any real value and turning it into gold.  That’s what Archangel Uriel is calling on you to do in your spiritual life; find what is thought to be an energy or experience that lacks any real value and find a way to turn it around into something akin to spiritual gold.

In this early part of the week you might find yourself feeling spiritually or energetically heavy.  Meditation and simple spiritual shifts can help you to turn these things around into more helpful energy that will have you feeling lighter and more focused.  Don’t let a slow and sluggish start to week get you down before things have even started.  This will be a week of challenges so start off with the mindset that you can take anything and turn it to gold.

When we hit the mid-week we are visited by Dokiel, an angel from the Testament of Abraham, is an angel of balance.  He comes to us when there are extremes that need to be put into balance in order to keep things from spinning into chaos.  The message around the middle of the week is that everything has to have balance and that’s something that you need to learn as you perfect your personal skill of turning things from negative to positive.  Some things just don’t work out the way we want them to, but instead the way they have to in order to maintain balance.  Things can’t be all light all the time otherwise at some point things would have be all dark and neither state is beneficial.

You might find that after some really wonderful experiences of turning things around in your life early in the week and changing some perspectives on things, one or two things that you’d really like to see change just don’t want to budge.  Before you get completely frustrated and think that the Universe is playing a big joke on you or that things are just never going to work out the way you want, consider what the lesson might be in something that is stuck in a negative space.  What is it that you need to learn from that experience that you haven’t learned yet?  What might be the hidden benefits of this negative?  What are you ignoring by not really dealing with the negative before trying to make it a positive?  Just remember…balance in all things is necessary.

As the week wraps up we see Samael, an angel of shadows and the darker side of things.  Samael can be a hidden blessing by showing us the shadows that we ignore or helping us to see where in the darkness of ourselves we have things to learn and heal.  Working with the shadow self creates powerful transformation and allows us to fully take back our power.  Many people are afraid of their full power and they only accept the easy parts of themselves and ignore their impulses, judgments, and projections because they are taught early on that these are all “bad” or negative things.  The truth is these things still make up who you are and are part of you and your power.

Looking at whatever isn’t working out for you this week find how this is reflecting on you and your spirit.  How is this part of your shadow self?  What does this make you feel that has you judging or feeling impulsive?  Where is there a lesson that you haven’t learned yet?  This is a time to transform something big within yourself as a result of something not working as you planned or hoped.  Take advantage of that.

So the way the week seems to play out it looks like as the week beings we start to see that there are things going on around us that we need to take action to change, and some of those things will change easily with a shift in perception.  But by mid-week, while we feel so strong and powerful because of what we’ve accomplished so quickly in the week, some things really don’t work out as we hope and we start to question ourselves and our power to change our lives.  Remember that there needs to be balance and the Universe will always find a way to maintain that balance for you.  As the week wraps up we may begin to have some revelations that show us where our shadow hasn’t been heard and we may see that it’s truly time to look at the “dark side” of our soul and see what we need to learn from our impulses and projections, likely ones that were provoked by mid-week events.

It might not be an easy week but it could be an important one!  Make the most of it!

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