Message from Spirit {week of Feb 4 to Feb 10}

Welcome to the first full week in February and welcome to this week’s Message from Spirit!  As I was meditating with the angels and pulling the cards for this week’s reading, they impressed the very important message of love that tends to run as a theme during February…at least for the first part of the month.  The angels are saying that this is the money to really embrace love; love for others, love for the world around us, but especially love for ourselves.  Their message was clear “you give your love away so easily, now it’s time to give away to yourself.”  This week’s message impresses that as well.  So let’s get started!

For this week’s reading I’m working with Doreen Virtue’s Healing with the Angels oracle deck.  This is one that I think is great as a gentle tool for those who are looking to really start developing their intuitive work with the angels.  It’s short on words but big on images which allow our clairvoyant senses to be triggered more.  This is one of the decks that I always recommend to my beginner oracle students who just want to dive into reading from a psychic point.

Here are this week’s cards:

Pooh, the Cat Reader

As the week starts we see the Truth & Integrity card.  It’s time to let go and to just be you.  A lot of us spend so much time focused on fashioning an image that we often get lost in that image and we lose our sense of truth and integrity for ourselves.  Be naked to the world and just be you.  No masks, no false covering.   In the card the angels help the woman with her hair and reassure her that she is beautiful and perfect just as she is.  If you need some reassuring, just ask the angels for help!  You might find that you feel very vulnerable doing this but that’s OK!  You should!  But ask the angels for support and you’ll find that these awkward moments become less and shorter lived quickly.

Another thing that the angels have brought through with this card is that something you have been wishing or praying for hasn’t come to pass yet because you aren’t living your truth and aren’t honoring yourself with integrity.  Remember, if you ask for help with manifesting something in your life you can’t ever receive it if you aren’t living in alignment with it’s energy.  For example, you wont manifest money if after doing your spiritual or magickal work you then spend all your time worried about how broke you are.  The angels want you to live your real truth and your dreams will manifest.

This is also shown in our second card, Miracles.  By midweek you will find that by living as who you truly are, deep down in your heart and your inner being, by bringing that to the surface things will start to unfold in a way you haven’t seen before.  But there are two things to remember with “miracles”; they don’t come to you by doing nothing and they aren’t always earth shattering events.  Keep your eyes and heart open to bite size miracles.

One of the things that I have learned over the years working with the angels is that they find it frustrating that we are “all or nothing” beings.  The angels try to give us bits and pieces of our goals as they can but we often reject them.  Again using the money analogy, we might ask for help with bringing more money into our lives.  You happen to win $10 on a lottery scratch ticket that someone gave you unexpectedly, but you don’t see this as a “miracle” because it was only $10.  If it were $10,000 it would be a little miracle…if it were $10,000,000 it would be a “real miracle”!  Don’t belittle the bite size miracles that come to you.  Be grateful and show you gratitude for every little thing that comes along in alignment with your prayers.  THAT’S how you keep it flowing to you and growing it, not by being ungrateful or dismissive.

And finally, at the end of the week we see the Soulmate card.  The angels are stressing one very important thing with this card and that’s the idea that soulmates aren’t always lovers or romantic partners.  Again, don’t limit yourself!  If you are on the lookout for a new love, be open to all the possibilities out there.  If a new love isn’t your quest, keep an eye out for a new friend or new partnership that may come along as part of an answer to a prayer or request put out to the angels and the Universe.  You may suddenly find that the perfect person you need in your life right now happens to come along with divine timing.

Now, the angels are saying “For the lovers out there…”  They have a special message to pass along for those looking for love in this month of February with these cards.

If you’re asking over and over “God/Goddess/Universe, please bring me my true love”, you need to stop asking and start looking!  Stop looking and starting living!  Be who you really, truly are and not who you think someone is going to be attracted to.  The miracle that will happen is you’ll find someone who loves you for you and not the mascarade that you now have to try and keep up.  Love will come when you love and honor yourself by living your truth.

Have a great week everyone!!


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