Messages From Spirit {April 22 to April 28}

Here we are, if you can believe it, the last full week of April for 2013!  Time is flying by!  This week we have some things going on in the skies that could have an impact on our energy, specifically a full moon and lunar eclipse on Thursday the 25th.  Be mindful of your energy this week and take the necessary steps to keep yourself from being too drained or even too buzzed with energy around the moon activity.  If you have an iPhone, check out this very cool app I’ve been playing with every night called Juice.  It’s free and helps you to track your energy, activity, and diet as well as other additional factors that you can pick from so you can track the things that help or hinder how you’re doing.  You can also get great tips on how to improve the areas where you might be lacking.  It’s free so grab it!

For this week’s reading I’m using The Enchanted Map oracle by Colette Baron-Reid.  This is a great deck for doing readings about changes, movement, or activity in your life.  This is one of the decks on my oracle reading page which you pick to get a personal reading with.  Love this deck!



With the start of the week we see the [fontpress type=”webfonts” name=”Cabin” size=”16px” lh=”18px” color=”#000000″]Dragon’s Lair[/fontpress].    Don’t be surprised if your internal warning system seems to be going off a bit this week.  New opportunities or propositions from others might seem really tempting but be sure to feel them out completely before making any decisions, especially ones that you might be signing contacts for or that could lead to long term commitments.  If something new is calling you, it’s definitely worth exploring this week, but just make sure that as you do, you’re being objective.  When things don’t look or feel right for you, don’t be ashamed to say no or decide to take another route.  You could potentially save yourself from getting involved with someone that you will have a hard time detaching from later on.  The ice around the castle suggests that this could be an often or venture that you may not be able to get all the details on until you actually get “inside”.  Let the be a bit of a warning in and of itself.

Mid-week we see the card [fontpress type=”webfonts” name=”Cabin” size=”16px” lh=”18px” color=”#000000″]Intention[/fontpress].  As things progress this week and you move past the stage of getting clear on your path, make sure that your intentions this week are also that clear.  Here we see an owl holding a dandelion in its beak perched on top of a pink egg on a pedestal.  The egg is our unborn dreams, goals, and wishes.  The owl who stands on top of it is the wisdom needed to make these things reality.  Birds of all kinds are messengers from spirit, but the owl is tied to certain goddess energies such as Hecate, the Greek goddess of magic, witchery, and the crossroads.   It’s no coincidence that the owl holds a dandelion puffball in it’s beak; the flower is sacred to Hecate.  It represents wishes and calling on spirits for help.

Setting your intention as you keep moving ahead might mean needing to make some connections to the spirit world to call on some help.  The owl also suggests making sure that you’re looking at things from a broader, higher perspective and that you’re considering all the possibilities before really doing anything.  There is a chance to make some big things happen but you need to have those dreams and your intentions along the way clear in your own mind first.

As the week comes to an end we see [fontpress type=”webfonts” name=”Cabin” size=”16px” lh=”18px” color=”#000000″]Ride the Wave[/fontpress].  A faery sits on the back of a dolphin as a pair of dolphins jump out from the barrel of a wave rising from the ocean’s surface.  If you’ve been feeling sort of stuck or like your plans haven’t been coming together as easily as you would like, they will start to as the week progresses.  Expect to see blocks fall away as you are guided into a path of effortless abundance.  But keep in mind that the only way a wave like this can rise to the surface is from the activity of ebb and flow that is happening unhindered below the surface.  Once your intention is set and you’re work is in motion, let the rest happen naturally.   Dolphin’s carry the energy of playfulness, joy, and freedom.  Don’t get in the way of these things otherwise you’ll just get in the way of your own progress.

This is going to be a week that likely starts feeling really slow, confused, and maybe even a bit dark.  Once you have your mind a bit clearer and you can really get your intentions in place everything is going to flow together nicely.  Be sure to take a little time early in the week to let go of any heavy or dark energy you may be carrying with you from the week before.  This past week had been dubbed  “the week from hell” by many with all that was happening in the world in such a short period of time, so be sure to take a little time to clear that energy away early this week.  {My post about using EFT from last week might just be the thing you need!  Check that out here.}



[fontpress type=”webfonts” name=”Cabin” size=”16px” lh=”18px” color=”#000000″]What are your insights from this week’s reading?
What are your intentions that you’re setting for the week?
What wild waves are you hoping to ride with abandon by the end of the week?[/fontpress]

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  • BittenUsagi
    April 22, 2013 at 11:02 pm

    Wow. I’ve been really down this last week on my wanting to drop some weight and last Thursday I even had a huge emotional breakdown over it. This is like my third attempt but I’m the largest I’ve ever been so I’m terrified I’ll fail again. I went back and looked at the EFT post, which I hadn’t gotten to yet- so behind on blogs- and I’m really excited including it my work to make it happen this time. I’m feeling better this week, like I can do this, even if I don’t start showing results as soon as I want and this post seals it for me. My intentions are to stop being so down on myself and letting that little voice in the back of my head tell me I can’t and to just do it. Take that energy I’m not wasting on that and make it happen!

  • Selene De la Rosa
    April 24, 2013 at 2:36 pm

    I feel this guidance has helped me see where I need to focus for this full moon. Dandelions and Hecate were the missing components of what I've been working on. Thanks for sharing Jess!

  • Selene De la Rosa
    April 24, 2013 at 2:36 pm

    I feel this guidance has helped me see where I need to focus for this full moon. Dandelions and Hecate were the missing components of what I've been working on. Thanks for sharing Jess!