Messages From Spirit {April 7 to 13}

Here we are, another week and another look at what Spirit has to say.  This week I felt called to reach out to the Ladies, the Goddesses, using the Goddess Oracle which is beautifully illustrated by Hrana Janto.  It’s a deck I use often these days but at one time it was my “go to” check-in oracle.  It’s nice to revisit old friends.


Kali – Fear
Bast – Play
Gyhldeptis – Synthesis

OK Universe, WTF?!?

This is the third week {or is it the fourth} where fear has played a role? Even more so, last week fear was the week’s jumping off point and it is again this week as well.

With Kali bringing the fear, this is really the Universe sending a wake up call.  Kali is the Hindu Goddess of creation and destruction.  Birth comes from death and death heralds in new life.  Kali, however, doesn’t do this gently.  When she shows up it’s because it’s time to stop turning a blind eye to something.  Her cycles are full of chaos and fury.  This is your chance to get ahead of things before shit really gets real around you!

What fears are you not facing?  What are you not letting go of in order to birth something new, and even more powerful into your life?  Kali comes into say “This death and letting go is ESSENTIAL, not OPTIONAL.” 

Next is Bast, a huge contrast to Kali’s energy which indicates the chance for a real big shift this week.  A lightness is going to come after the heaviness of letting go.  In fact, Bast is showing me that this is going to be a lightness that you haven’t even imagined.  Sure, you know letting go of this thing/person/situation/whatnot will change things, but it will make changes far bigger than you have expected.

Bast, the Egyptian cat-headed Goddess, comes through as a reminder that where you have thought you need to be all business you have let yourself lose your playful nature, a side that is essential for your health and well-being.  Bast may be a Goddess but she doesn’t spend her whole day ruling with an iron paw fist.  Instead she measures out a balance of play and work because balance is key.

Considering what Kali is trying to show you this week, where are you not allowing play?  How has this thing wrapped in fear stopped you from playing? What kind of play could you invite into your life by letting go of the things that you fear?

Last but not least, Gyhldeptis {gill-dep’tis}.  This little known Native American Goddess of the Pacific Northwest’s Haida people.  She is found among the forest in the cedar trees and is thought to be able to be seen among the moss that hangs from the tree branches.  Part of her legend involves her bringing together the powers of the coast in the north to provide a feast to the spirits of a deadly whirlpool that threatened her people.  Her message is about bringing together all your resources, even opposing forces, in order to create wholeness and restore balance.

Wholeness happens when we bring together all our energies, positive and negative, the good and the bad.  It’s no wonder with her at the end that Kali and Bast, two major opposing forces, preceded her.  You can’t truly know joy when you don’t know pain.  But at the same time you have to learn to be willing to let go of pain and fear in order to allow joy and peace into your life. One over the other, be it fear over play or play over fear, is never good and only hinders your balance.

How can you work this week to bring all your resources and all our energies into balance to work with each other?  How can you find wholeness this week?

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