Messages From Spirit {July 15 to July 21}

This week’s Messages from Spirit is a day late but hardly a dollar short!  I got chills seeing the cards that came up!  We’ve been in an energetic tailspin with all the retrogrades happening – this Mercury Retrograde was a bitch, to say the least, and I’m not one to get down on Mercury Retrograde!  This retrograde ends on July 20th but there is a post-retrograde or shadow period, a time when the planet is in direct motion but has to move past the sign it went retrograde in.  During that time you can still feel some of the effects of the retrograde as sort of residual energies but it’s a good time to take lessons and experiences learned during the retrograde and put them into practice.  The post-retrograde period this time around will end on August 3rd and then we’re in the clear until October 21st for the next full Mercury Retrograde.

For this week’s reading I decided to use the Angel Chatter cards which I’ve been talking about a bit lately because I’m offering a little bit of a special on Angel Chatter readings this month.  I love this deck and it was calling to me so I decided to bring it out.

Let me just start this all off by saying, if you’re a little put off by angels, don’t be.  Angels, despite what you might have been raised to believe, are not a Christian concept or something only meant for those of the book faiths.  This is something that goes more in-depth than I’m going to be able to go in this post, but let’s just say the only Archangel ever mentioned in the Bible is Michael, and Gabriel is mentioned but not as an archangel.  Other references to angels are made over 200 times, but the structure of angels as we tend to think of it isn’t from the Bible, but a combination of ideas from religious myth and traditions around the world, some pre-dating the Bible.

So yes, you can be otherwise spiritually inclined and work with the angels.  They are non-denominational beings created by God {or Source if you prefer} to fill specific roles as messengers and helpers between God and humanity.

Here’s what the angels have to say this week!



Not the best picture this week – bad lighting, dark cards…blame it on Mercury Retrograde.  *grin*


At the start of the week we have Archangel Sandalphon with the message Movement.  Sandalphon helps with delivering prayers between us and God, so he’s always working to move energy around.  His card at the start of the week is a reminder that if we want to get things done, if we want to see change, it isn’t happening by sitting idly by and wishing for things to happen.  Any kind of movement that you can make toward accomplishing something you desire is better than doing nothing.

Want to lose weight?  Take a walk around the block – you don’t have to run a marathon!  Want to start a new business?  Get online and create a simple free website and start a free email list – it doesn’t have to look like you’ve been in business for 10 years!  Want to heal a broken heart?  Start by simply admitting you’re hurt and letting the Universe know you’re ready to stop hurting – admitting what’s wrong is the open door that allows healing to enter!

The idea is that something, anything, is better than nothing.  So get up and get moving!

Midweek we have Archangel Jophiel with the message Radiance.  Jophiel is the archangel of beauty.  She’s always ready to lend a hand when you want to bring more grace, radiance, and beauty in your life.   This can be, but isn’t limited to your own physical appearance.  It also has to do with your surroundings and making everything in your personal environment feel supportive and beautiful.

In this specific card Jophiel is asking for you to feel your own light and your own power and to bask in that radiance.  We often forget just how powerful we are, especially if we’ve just had to go through a time where we were feeling powerless, like some people have felt with this Mercury Retrograde.  Allow yourself to close your eyes, focus on your solar plexus, and feel that power and radiance within you.  Know that as of right now you have the power to change anything in your life that you want to by using the movement from earlier in the week and adding your radiance to your actions.

And finally we have Archangel Gabriel with the message Manifest!  Gabriel is one of the more well known of the angels, and is the divine messenger.  Gabriel loves to work with people that are really ready for change and ready to have their prayers answered.  We spend a lot of time talking about what we want and saying that we desire changes but we don’t often manifest actual change.  Why?  Because we don’t actually do the work!  It’s easier to just say you want it than to actually do something to make it happen.

Gabriel’s message in this card is more of a question, a task for you to work on.  What is it that your soul truly desires?  Are you ready and willing to work for that to manifest in your life?

Manifesting is more about allowing than actually doing much of the time.  Allow yourself to be open to change and allow the angels and Spirit to guide you toward the opportunities for you to manifest your dreams.  Let go of expectations and ask for divine guidance to get there and open up to the signs and messages from God and the angels.


Summing it up…

This is a great week to get to work!  If you’ve been felt held back with the retrograde, or for any other reason, it’s time to realize that you have to start taking action, you need to get fully in your power and know you can manifest whatever you desire, whatever the circumstances. Remember, the notion of “right and perfect timing” is a lie we tell ourselves to keep ourselves from being disappointed later.  It’s time to just go for it!



What are you hoping to manifest once this retrograde is over?
What are you ready to take control of in your life?

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  • Selene De la Rosa
    July 17, 2013 at 6:09 pm

    Great message. THanks Jess! 🙂

  • Selene De la Rosa
    July 17, 2013 at 6:09 pm

    Great message. THanks Jess! 🙂

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