Messages From Spirit – July 20 – 26


This week we’re going to take a little step back and I’m going to do this week’s Messages From Spirit reading in what would now be considered the “old school way” around here. No recording this week, just a quick reading with a wicked quick deck or cards.

This week I’m using Crazy Sexy Love Notes by Kris Carr with art by Lori Portka.

I’ve been really drawn to using this deck with clients lately, and it made an appearance on one of my Periscope sessions over the weekend, so I wanted to share it here with you all too.

This is a deck that you have to “shuffle blind”…that’s what I call shuffling decks that don’t have traditional backs. You don’t want to look at the cards while you shuffle because you don’t want to unknowingly influence the cards you draw. These cards have art on one side and a message on the other so I shuffle without looking. {And yes, that can get wicked amusing at times.}

So here we go…a reading with Crazy Sexy Love Notes for our week!


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Mind – Listen

Body – Trust Your Intuition and A New Day

Spirit – Forgiveness


The Mind card starts us out to let us know what we need to pay attention to this week and things that we may have on our minds as the week goes on. The card this week is Listen.

Elephants have a powerful ability to hear. They can hear things at a lower tonal rather than humans as well as a much higher rate than we can. They use this super keen sense of hearing, being able to hear sounds almost a full mile away, in order to communicate with each other as well as to stay alert to their surroundings.

Are you alert to your surroundings lately? Are you using your sense of hearing to listen to those around you and to be tuned into what’s happening in your environment? Or are you bowling people over by never letting them get a word in or keeping them held back from saying what they need to say?

It’s possible this is because you have a little fear about hearing what they’re going to tell you. This week is all about quieting down and paying attention to what other people are really saying to you. It’s possible that what you think you’re hearing isn’t what is really being said. But if you can’t quiet down and listen, how can you truly know?


The Body card shows us how we can work with this energy this week…and this week two cards came out together. We have Trust Your Intuition and A New Day.

When you’re being a little quieter and allowing others to say what they have to say and you’re really, truly listening you’re also able to listen more intuitively. This is the key to really hearing what people say. When you listen with your “intuitive ears” you’re able to hear more of what is really being said.  And guess what part of you can’t listen at all when your Ego can’t stop talking? DING DING DING! You intuitive ears!

And here’s what happens when we let ourselves listen intuitively and work with our inner wisdom…we create what feels like a whole new day! Suddenly our fears don’t seem so frightening. Our worries don’t seem so insurmountable. The things that have been holding us back are no longer a problem.

It’s also super important with all of this that you are willing to let go of what isn’t working.  You can’t have a new day if you are holding on to what was bothering you yesterday. So be sure that you are approaching all of this with a fresh attitude!


And lastly we have our lesson from Spirit, the why behind all this for the week. Spirit gives us the card Forgiveness Heals.

This week, if you start to realize that you really haven’t been letting people talk or you’ve been letting your Ego tell you want people are saying to you rather than really listening to them from a heart-centered place, that’s OK. Forgive yourself! Forgive yourself for not being open before because you’re ready to be open now! Know that everyone is always doing the best they can {even you} and we all have lessons to experience so we can grow. This is just one of them.


Summing Up The Week…

Pay attention to the people and environment around and what it is all trying to tell you. Listen from your heart using your intuitive ears rather than your Ego. Be open to seeing things from a whole new perspective and creating a whole new day for yourself and the situations you’re dealing with. And, above all else, forgive yourself. Let go of guilt or shame as you start to see the light around things and know that it’s a lesson learned to carry you forward.




What’s Up This Week?

First off, if you’re not on Periscope, I can’t urge you enough to dive in and get on there. It’s completely changing my business {and me!} for the better and I would love for you to join me! Just look for the Periscope app in your App Store on an iOS or Android device and sign up with your Twitter account or phone number. Then search for me {jessjcarlson} and follow me! This weekend we had a great chat with my Weekend Angel Card reading on Saturday morning, then Sunday we did a Sacred Space/Sacred Circle chat and Q+A as well as a talk about Power Animals Sunday night {with info on how you can get a power animal reading from me…}. You can come and watch a replay of the chat and get a reading right here!

Then we had our usual Monday morning Miracle Monday scope today with a chat on day design with a neat freebie at the end….and of course Coffee and Cards, my free reading and coaching show that happens at 11am PST every Monday through Friday.

See all that goodness you’re missing out on? You can watch them on the web but you miss out on interacting which is the key component…so grab the app, follow me, turn on your notifications, and get ready for the fun!



Also this week, before Friday, I’ll be putting out my candle magic ebook! Just be on the look out for announcements on Twitter, Periscope, Facebook and Instagram when it’s ready.


Coming This Week…YAY!!!

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