Messages From Spirit {July 29 to August 4}

Look at that!  A new Messages graphic!  I felt like with all the other changes that have been happening with the site that it was time for a new header graphic for this weekly post.  I recently did some cleaning up of my hard drive and found an app on my computer that I didn’t even know I had called Pixelmator.  If you’re a Mac person who either can’t afford Photoshop or finds it too intimidating but you want to do awesome graphics and photo tweaking, GET THIS APP!  It’s only $15 in the App Store and worth every penny.  I’m a hardcore Photoshop girl but since finding Pixelmator among the muck of my hard drive I’ve been using it almost exclusively for the last two weeks.

This week we’re looking at the energy of the week with one of my favorite newer oracle decks, the Blue Angel Oracle.  I’ve used it here before and I felt like this was a good week to bring it out again.


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Today, Monday the 29th, marks a Grand Sextile in the skies creating a Merkaba or Star of David above us {I’m not going to get into the astrological stuff about this because I’m not good at explaining those things so I’ll just tell you about the energy of this even}.  I will tell you though that a grand sextile happens when planets are arranged in every other sign and create the Merkaba configuration on a natal chart.  This one is happening in the signs earth and water.

This grand sextile is a rare one and creates a time when we should meditate and work on cultivating peace and forgiveness.  This one happens in the feminine signs and create the ideal time for working on welcoming love into all the situations we’ve dealing with that we are feeling we need more support with.  There are global peace meditations going on today and other group work in hopes of raising the consciousness vibration of the planet toward peace.  While this is specifically happening today it’s something that the cards show us working on all week long.

Let me just say, knowing about the Merkaba happening above us today, I LOVE this reading for the week!

As the week starts and we have the Merkaba form on Monday, we see the Peace Angel.  It’s time to open up to the energy of peace through acceptance.  The angels are with us to help guide us in the process since it can be a really difficult one for many of us.  It’s OK, they understand, as does Spirit.  Humans aren’t always the most accepting group of spiritual beings!  But with the events happening in the skies, the energy is more in our favor to support this work.

Start with accepting yourself.  Once you’re able to accept yourself and heal whatever has been keeping you disconnected from your own self-love, you’re able to more fully accept others.  All love starts with the self!

At the mid-week we see The Eternal Star, that guiding light of God that brings us all the guidance that we search for.   This guiding star is something that we all hold within our hearts – think of it as the Northern Star of your soul.  It’s that Universal spark, that light from God/Source that we all hold within ourselves that keeps us connected.  We need to follow that might, connect with it when we really need guidance, and stay true to that inner star.

Don’t agree to do anything that doesn’t feel right for you this week and simply stay true to your heart.  The more true to you choices you make the closer you get to understanding and knowing your authentic self.

As the week comes toward an end we have the Angel of Hearts.  This is the angel that true, deep, pure love and honesty.  Again this is all about getting in touch with your true self and following the light that from within that guides you on that path.  This card also enforces the idea that you need to make sure that this week you’re true to yourself and honest with all those around you.  If something isn’t right in your heart, then you need to find alternatives.


Summing it up…

This week’s reading is really simply and straightforward.  Accept your true, authentic self and follow that guiding light within this week.  Don’t do anything that you have to second guess or that doesn’t feel right in your gut.  If you have to say “let me think about that” or “I’ll sleep on it” just say “no” this week.  Get in touch with your inner light and peace and let it guide you.

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  • Selene De la Rosa
    July 29, 2013 at 9:21 pm

    thanks for the message. I participated in the Global Meditation this morning and felt really at peace.. I hope this energy shift is able to reach those in need.

  • Selene De la Rosa
    July 29, 2013 at 9:21 pm

    thanks for the message. I participated in the Global Meditation this morning and felt really at peace.. I hope this energy shift is able to reach those in need.

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