Messages From Spirit {June 10 to June 16}

This week’s Message From Spirit comes courtesy of a deck I purchased this past winter but have hardly even taken out of the box.  For some reason the deck was really calling me when I was picking this week’s deck so I went with it and was reminded of just how beautiful it is!  It’s the Wisdom fo the Golden Path oracle by Toni Carmine Salerno with art by the amazing Yuehui Tang.  Tang’s artwork is really stunning!  He has such a way with texture and color that it makes his work perfect for an oracle deck.

Photo Jun 10, 5 59 16 PM


The first card for the week is [fontpress type=”webfonts” name=”Seaweed Script” size=”26px” lh=”28px” color=”#00B8B7″]Creativity[/fontpress].  You will find yourself getting the urge to express yourself this week and the more creative you can be with it the more fulfilling it will be for you.  We are all born with intuitive and artistic gifts but as we grow older we tend to lose sight of them.  Your ego begins to tell you that you’re not good, that other people are better than you, that you’re wasting your time.  That’s when we stop actively being creative and until something happens to spark it again, we do nothing to really express ourselves.


This week you’ll feel yourself pulled to express yourself in some way, whether it’s speaking, writing, painting, or photography.  Something inside you needs to be let out to share with others or even the whole world but it needs to be done in a way that feels fully aligned with your inner being.  In this card the the woman is being tickled by the little tendrils from her dress which to me are showing that feeling of sticky thoughts and creative pulls that we get surrounding us that refuse to be ignored.  The look of uncertainty on her face, even a little fear, is a reminder that those thoughts don’t go away just because you’re afraid to express them.  They just keep going and going and sometimes get louder and louder until they make you crazy!  Express yourself this week!


Midweek we see the card [fontpress type=”webfonts” name=”Seaweed Script” size=”26px” lh=”28px” color=”#00B8B7″]Positive Future[/fontpress].  The future can be a tricky thing because we often forget that what we’re doing right now is creating your future.  Sometimes we’re so in the moment that we forget this.  Being present is something we should also try and be, but we have to also know that this present creates our future.   Our past, no matter how much we grow and change, always makes up who we become to some degree.

This week know that how you express yourself and how you meet your creativity and let it out will be something that brings you into your future.  Spend some time thinking about how in the past you may have stifled your creativity and you can learn from that experience.  Do you wish you’d been more open?  Do you wish you’d expressed yourself more?  Do you wish you hadn’t stopped following a creative pursuit   Is there an idea of concept inside you that you wish to express in a creative way but have allowed your past to hold you back from doing it?  Midweek it will be time to look at these things head on, examining the past a bit, and allowing yourself to use it to create a path or a positive and creatively fulfilling future.


At the end of the week we have the card [fontpress type=”webfonts” name=”Seaweed Script” size=”26px” lh=”28px” color=”#00B8B7″]Timeless Earth[/fontpress].  This card is a reminder about the need to connect with our environment, be in nature, and always be grounded in our truth when we do anything in life.   Mother nature is not good or bad, she just is.  Timeless Earth asks you to connect with that part of you that just is allowing yourself to just be so that you can ground and absorb your truth.


In the card there is the image of a tree frog.  Frogs as animal totems represent spiritual clearing, getting into your own power, and welcoming inner transformation.  The are connected to emotions, water, and {no surprise} creativity.  Tree frogs are exceptional jumpers so they give the added energy of being able to leap in big ways, making big changes in our lives easily like hopping from tree to tree with grace.


As you do the work of connecting with your creative ways of expressing yourself this week and then looking into the past to help create a better future you’ll find that taking a little time at the end of the week to get grounded and rooted in your rediscovered truth will be helpful in making this feel real for you.  It will help you feel like this is more than just some kind of wishful thinking or airy-fairy exercise in feeling good.  Let it really sink in and become part of who you are.


Summing up the week…

Be open to finding new ways to express yourself this week.  If there is a specific creative avenue you’ve wanted to explore but have been held back for some reason in doing it, let that go and just dive in!  Know that the divine is supporting your decisions because it ultimately creates a more fulfilled you!  Also take time to look at how your past and present are shaping your future so you can make changes to anything that isn’t fulfilling your creative soul.  Then give yourself time to ground in the real truth of who you are, especially if it isn’t who you’ve been for some time.  Know that big transformation is waiting for you if you’re willing to make the leap.


This song also popped into my head while doing this reading, which is always my angels and guides sending a clairaudient message so I have to add it here!





[fontpress type=”webfonts” name=”Cabin” size=”22px” lh=”28px” color=”#00B8B7″]What creative arts have you always wanted to embrace but have felt held back from?
What are some of the things from your past that you can recognize truly created your current reality?
What can you do to make changes in your present to support your desired future?[/fontpress]

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