Messages From Spirit {March 25 to March 31}

This week’s Messages From Spirit is being done with a new-ish oracle deck that I absolutely love.  My angel and spirit guides seem to love it as well!  The Gateway Oracle Cards by Denise Linn.  I have been playing with the cards for a little bit and have determined that these cards are really great for use in my coaching practice.  I’ve stated using them with my clients and everyone has really liked them so I thought I’d use them for this week’s channeled message!



As the week starts out we find that we see the card [fontpress type=”webfonts” name=”Cabin” size=”16px” lh=”15px” color=”#000000″]Savoring Pleasure [/fontpress].  We so rarely stop and enjoy what we have and what we are given by the Universe.  We have a human habit of recognizing things when it’s either too late or after a moment of crisis where we realize that we could have easily lost everything.  My guides are urging us all to stop and take a  moment early in the week to reflect on what we are grateful for in our lives and to recognize that we need to actually savor and enjoy those things.  Look around you and five three things that you are blissfully happy to have in your life and actually say “thank you” to the Universe, the Divine, and to your own Higher Self for manifesting them on your path.  And then enjoy them!  Know that it really could be as simple as a snap of the finger and anything can be taken away from you.

Mid-week we find [fontpress type=”webfonts” name=”Cabin” size=”16px” lh=”15px” color=”#000000″]Igniting Courage[/fontpress].  This is an interesting card to find after Savoring Pleasure.  What I’m guided to here is the idea of wanting more.  You may find that by reflecting on the gifts in your life and enjoying what you have around you could realize that you want more of these things and less of what might drag you down a bit or make you feel less fulfilled.  Suddenly there is a desire to forge ahead and make changes, a desire to be courageous and go after what your soul is really seeking.  It’s time to decide what you love in your life and how to make more of it manifest for you.

There is a trick though, a secret to courage.  Having courage doesn’t mean you have a lack of fear, it simply means that you are willing to make bold moves to change your life.  So you might find that the thing you want more of is your freedom and that could mean quitting a job, ending a relationship, or packing up and moving half way around the world.  Being afraid or anxious about anything like this is natural, human, and expected.  The difference between the courageous and the fearful is that the fearful stay put in whatever rut they’ve fallen into whereas the courageous get up and forge ahead despite not knowing what may come.  All Spirit is asking of you here is to decide what you want and to light a fire under your ass so you can go get it.

Then by the end of the week we see [fontpress type=”webfonts” name=”Cabin” size=”16px” lh=”15px” color=”#000000″]Taking Action[/fontpress].  This feel really quick and really bold, like something that lights that fire for you mid-week really pushes you to want to making and all possible changes right away.  Remember that as you make your change and you jump into action that you need to keep your wits about you.  Plan at least one action that you can take before the week is out that will begin the flow of change but that is sustainable, attainable, and reasonable.  Embrace it all and go after it with excitement but know that if you do things simply in the heat of the moment without any thought of plans for the future beyond this moment you could push yourself two steps back in the end.

This looks like a powerful week of awakening and I’d love to help support you as you move through it!  Share your thoughts in the comments and tell me what it is that you are lovingly grateful for in your life and what you want more of  Let’s see how we can work to help you get that and create some actionable steps together!


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