Messages From Spirit – May 28

Things are in a huge state of transition right now.  I’m sitting on my couch surrounded by books, DVDs, CDs, and decks of tarot cards all in the process of being prepared to go to new homes.  The books are going to a friend with a local shop {13 huge boxes of them}, the tarot decks will be sold off in grab bag lots starting next week, and the DVDs and CDs are being distributed among friends.  The reason?  My hubby and I are moving in 2 weeks and the new place we’re moving into is meant for people who live a much more minimalist lifestyle than we currently do.  So we’re embracing that concept and moving all our stuff to digital formats.  So far I’m in love with seeing piles of stuff to get rid of filling up my tiny living room.

However all this moving stuff means I’m way behind in all my other duties.  I sent out a newsletter today sharing the big update – I’ll be away between now and the beginning of July dealing with this moving stuff.  I will try and blog a little here and there, and I do have a special little set of guest posts coming up during a week of June to keep you all inspired while I’m gone.  So you’ll be in good hands.

But I wanted to do a Messages From Spirit for the rest of this week for you.  I’m using my Conscious Spirit oracle deck.


Photo May 28, 3 36 07 PM


Interesting….I think we’ve seen this story before.  😉

Mind – Release
Body – Sacred Space
Spirit – Root Chakra

Looking at this spread as a whole the message that comes through clearly is that during the rest of the week focusing on what really needs to be released in our lives and creating the space to do it, and doing with conviction. It’s all going to lead to something better.

In the area of thoughts we have the card Release “I release that which does not serve my higher purpose with gratitude and love.”

Letting go of what isn’t working, especially ideas and beliefs, is so important.  We often let our minds become cluttered messes with old beliefs and ideals that aren’t part of who we have become.  We need to make space in our minds and our energy bodies for us to grow, to allow new things to come in and to help form us into the future-selves that we dream of.  Over the rest of this week you may notice that certain things comes up for you that are begging to be released.

Sacred Spacerepresents the actions that Spirit is calling for with this work.  “I find peace, security, and contentment when surrounded by Nature’s beauty.  

There is a song by the band Gaia Consort called “Move To The Country” that I love.  There is a lyric in it that says “We’ll hold each other upside down and shake the concrete out.”  That song sings in my head when I see this card in this spread.

Over the weekend make some time and space to get out into nature to do some grounding and releasing.  Let go of what needs to be let go of by putting it into the earth, releasing it to the winds, washing it off in a waterfall, lake, or the ocean.  Let the sunlight burn away the winter that is still hanging onto you and feel the growth that spring and summer will bring.

I’m also really drawn to the etchings in the stones that make up the waterfall and they are saying to me that this will also be a good time for doing your own divination while out there in nature.  Connected deeply to the spirit of Mama Gaia ask for grounding and guidance.

Lastly, with Spirit and the lessons that this brings, we have Root Chakra, “I have everything I need to survive and grow on the physical plan.”

Making these changes, letting go of what needs to go and creating new balance creates a new sense of safety and security.  That’s what the root chakra is all about – your ability to live in the world of form safely so you can grow and evolve.  Letting go of these things will help create this space for safe growth.

The lesson is all of this is that sometimes you have to let go of things that you have long held on to – whether that’s ideas or material things – in order to grow and move on to the next level of growth.  This doesn’t mean that letting go is going to be easy, but it’s important.

I am going through this right now as I work through my own letting go process while I get ready to move.  I’m letting go of spiritual books that I’ve had for 20 years and other material things that I’ve lugged around with me move and move for no reason other than some sick inability to let go.  Stuffed animals, CDs, VHS tapes {seriously!}, books, tarot decks that haven’t seen the light of day in years other than to be packed and unpacked to move.  It’s time to let go.  And I can tell you from what I’m experiencing now.  It’s fucking amazing.

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  • Susan Flemming
    May 30, 2014 at 8:57 am

    I did a similar letting go earlier this spring. I had read a book called 29 Gifts: How a Month of Giving Can Change Your Life. As I looked at the many items that I’d been lugging around with us for the past two years as we traveled from contract to contract, I thought of how those things could bless another. When I started giving mindfully as well as giving items away mindfully… amazing things started happening in my life and my husband’s life.

    Best wishes for a smooth and joyous move. Aloha Blessings.