Messages From Spirit {May 6 to May 12}

For this week’s Messages From Spirit I’m using a new deck that I’ve been playing around with recently that I really have been enjoying…Oracle of the Mermaids by Lucy Cavendish with art by Selene Fenech.  I love what happens when these two pair up and this is another wonderful deck from these two ladies!  I added this deck to the oracle reading selections of the site last week.  Come by and book a reading and see what the spirit of the mermaids have to say for you.

Here’s this week’s reading…


Photo May 06, 1 18 02 PM


This is a really interesting group of cards so let’s dive in!

At the start of the week we have the card [fontpress type=”webfonts” name=”Cabin” size=”18px” lh=”18px” color=”#000000″]Imramma[/fontpress].  Imramma is a term used in many Celtic traditions for what’s known as a soul journey.  This is an intensive meditation journey where we dive very deep into the Otherworld and seek out spiritual truths and the deeper connection to our inner spirit.  It is also known as a process for coming back into connection and alignment the homeland of the spirit.

Here the Imramma is a reminder that we need to dive deep within sometimes in order to find where we have actually separated from our true sense of self and spirit.  In our day to day world most of us are function in a way where our spirit and emotions are quite removed from the rest of us, meaning we often make decisions with our head rather than our heart.   As the week starts out take time to do some deep meditation to bring your whole self back together again.  Do a journey “home” to the home of your spirit and find where you have become clouded or disconnected.  Know that there are messages and healing in there for you but you have to actually seek it out, it isn’t going to just drop in your lap or mystically appear in a dream all of a sudden.  Take charge and seek out that connection to bring yourself back into alignment.

Mid-week we have [fontpress type=”webfonts” name=”Cabin” size=”18px” lh=”18px” color=”#000000″]The Selkie & Her Skin[/fontpress].  The story of the Selkie is a story of loss, stolen dreams, and freedom being restrained.  The mission here is to reclaim all those things and to find your true sense of freedom.  Everyone has things in their lives that take away pieces of their freedom.  We get to a point where we realize one day just how much we’ve given up of ourselves for other people or as part of a quest for success in other areas of our lives.  When we realize this we often work hard to try and forget about those things because the realization of that loss, and the possible pain of dream “what could have been” are just too much.  We separate these things from ourselves, create protective cushions, and try to move forward like these dreams were never there.

This is a call for you to get right back in touch with those dreams again!  Do not let the authentic truth of who you are die because you feel you have to let it go to serve others around you!  Many women give up dreams when they get married or have children.  Some people give up creative dreams so they can take a job to earn steady income.  Some people just stop dreaming because they think it’s a waste of time.

Every time you let these things slip through your fingers and you give up a piece of your authenticity it’s like a little piece of your spirit “dies”.  It’s time to find ways to reawaken these things and make them part of your life again.  It could be as simple as finding a small group of like-minded people to spend time with a few times a month to diving in and started a side business to realize your dreams.  This week around mid-week you may find that your Imramma experiences have brought you back in touch with these pieces of your authenticity and you’re ready to start making them a part of your life again.

As the week comes to a close we see [fontpress type=”webfonts” name=”Cabin” size=”18px” lh=”18px” color=”#000000″]Sanctuary[/fontpress].  Here we see the Melusina – part mermaid and part fae.  Her myths revolve around the need to time alone, time to be yourself without any need to share with others or to wear any sort of mask.  To just be who you are, in peace, and to let this replenish you.  This is so important and something we often take for granted when we have it and then ultimately forget about when we lose it.

With all the other calls for deep work and inner time this week it’s no wonder that this card comes up at the end.  This is much needed time to bring together all the things that you have worked to discover about yourself.  It’s downtime to breathe and to come back into being you, dreams and all, without having to explain anything to anyone.  This is very important time that you need to take after doing work like this.  Without it the work suffers and ends up going nowhere.  Be sure to take a little time at the end of the week to just relax, reflect, and be free.

To sum it all up…this is a heavy week of rediscovering the self.  Dive into the depths of the Otherworld and connect with guides, spirit animals, and your angels.  Ask them to help reveal to you how you can reconnect with your true self again.  Ask them to show you a path to whatever emotion or need you need fulfilled right now.  Then take that information and use it to bring back a sense of authenticity into your life.  What can you start doing again in your life to honor your dreams?  Where have you lose sight of your soul’s mission?  And by the end of the week you may be feeling a bit vulnerable and ready for a rest to let all of this just sink in.  Take time for a ritual bath, more restful meditations  and alone time to journal and explore what you’ve learned about yourself this week.



[fontpress type=”webfonts” name=”Cabin” size=”18px” lh=”18px” color=”#000000″]Do you have a method for connecting to your inner self that you’d like to share?
When it comes to your dreams and how you connect with them, do you feel you’re being true to yourself?
Do you give up too much of yourself for others?

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