Messages From Spirit {Nov 11 to Nov 17}

I am honestly about to bust a tit…is it really going to be middle of November by the end of the week!  All I can say is “make the most of your time” never held more relevance than right now!  The holidays are coming and once again it’s time for my wandering, gypsy self to pack up and move again!   This time it’s off to the beach though, so that I’m OK with.  Since we’re heading into the holiday season and things are about to get crazy for everyone, it looks like this week’s reading {which I’m doing with Sandra Anne Taylor’s Energy Oracle Cards} carries a little foreshadowing! Oh goody the tension is starting early!






The focus for this upcoming holiday season is all about community and bringing people together.  Good food, good drink, and good music or other entertainment is going to be the key to giving people a reason to come out for a gathering.  The problem though is that you might not be feeling much like celebrating.  In fact you might be feeling completely isolated from the people that you would normally want to get together with at this time of year.  It could be that you’ve spent the last handful of months sort of locked away in your own little world and invitations that are starting to come in for the holidays are feeling forced rather than a genuine request for your presence.


By taking the time to appreciate the love that those around you have for you, even in the face of your absence, and having appreciation for those open doors and hearts will be like a beacon for your otherwise lost sense of self right now.  You may really just be feeling like you’re the black sheep right now which makes going to these things even that much more stressful, but it’s time to stop worrying and start taking moments to smell the roses…or turkey as the case may be.  You’ve lost your sense of appreciation for the good, simple things in life because things have  been hectic this year.  It’s time to allow those little things to fill you up with love once more.


While you might be sitting around thinking “Crap…this is just going to make me more anxious and make me feel more isolated”, you’re actually going to find it does the opposite.  You’re actually going to find that from the first get together you attend that things start to feel lighter and you start to wonder what you had been keeping yourself hidden away for!  Whatever had you staying away from friends and family seems to almost be an illusion as you find yourself welcomed with open, loving arms.  Your anxiety and worries begin to slip away and any emotional fog you’ve been in clearly begins to lift.


Summing It Up…

This week the start of an often anxious holiday season is underway as plans for Thanksgiving begin to loom over head.  If you’ve been feeling down and like you’d rather skip it this year and stay in with a frozen turkey dinner warming in the nuke box while you watch reruns of Real Housewives of LaLaLand, think again.  Reconnecting with friend and family, and rediscovering your connection to them, is going to be what you need to get our of the funk you’ve been in.  You may be surprised at what you find at the holiday table this year.

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