Messages From Spirit {Nov 4 to Nov 10}

Happy November everyone!  Here in San Diego, at least for today, the Celtic winter season is in full swing.  Out here in my slightly deserty area where I live it’s grey, breezy, and a cool 60 degrees.  To me this is this is the perfect fall day but to most people who seem to be from this area this is really cold and miserable.  I often want to ship those people off to Boston for a week in late December and see what they think of breezy and 60 then!  <insert evil grin here>


This week we’re diving into November with a look at what the spirits have to say using a new deck that I grabbed this weekend while scoping out apartments down at the beach {desert living is not for me}.  It’s a deck I’ve been looking for but haven’t been able to get yet so this was a find!  It’s called Whispers of Love and is produced by the every wonderful Blue Angel Publishing house and features that great whimsical art of Josephine Wall.  Let’s see what the spirits have to say for this week!






True Love
Spiritual Connection
Love Who You Are


True love is a tricky thing, and really I think we have Hollywood to blame for that.  We often think that true love means “perfect love”.  That everything is always in perfect balance and harmony all the time.  That just isn’t how it goes.  There’s always a give and take, an ebb and flow.  Sometimes everything is up, other times it seems down but true love always comes back to LOVE.


If you’ve been feeling doubt about love in your life right now, or like things just aren’t perfect so they must not be true, you need to think again.  There are some rare relationships that have a 50/50 balance but that’s not the case for most people.  True love is about unconditional love and support for someone that you feel deeply connected to.   You each hold a key to balance of the relationship and you each step up and take your turn at bat, so to speak.


Even though this relationship may not be perfect it’s part of your life plan, it’s meant to be.  You have a connection together that goes much deeper than you may even acknowledge and recognize.  Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean your “soul mates”.  Personally I think that Hollywood has failed us there too because a soul mate isn’t necessarily someone we’re in a relationship with.  But we often find that our romantic partners come back to us time and time again, life after life, filling different roles for us because they are part of our soul’s plan.


Your love that you have now is one that stretches back many lifetimes, though you haven’t always been in this same kind of relationship.  You have been friends of the same sex, you’ve been siblings, you’ve been rivals, you’ve been caregivers to one another.  You’ve filled all kinds of roles for each other at different times and in different lives based on what your soul’s needed.  This time your soul’s needed romantic love from each other and a chance to teach on another about love more deeply.


This is a relationship that has gone on for centuries and will continue to do so.


Interestingly the spirits have a message for those wondering about their loves who they have recently separated from, either through divorce or just break-ups.  “Are they, or were they, my true love?”  My guides have this to say…


“Sometimes the ones we separate from are still our true loves, but they are not right for this lifetime.  We will come to each other again in the next life in some other form.  If you have parted ways from someone that you felt deep in your soul was your true love then you learned all you needed to from them in this lifetime.  You will be together again in the next.”


One of the biggest and most important things to remember is that when you are with your true love you are able to be who you really are.  You are seen as Divine by your partner and treated as Divine by being allowed to just be yourself, growing and blossoming along the way.  Your true love isn’t threatened by your growth and expansion and instead celebrates it and is happy to help you shine.


Summing It Up…

This week is all about the love!  This week look to find where you and your partner are deeply connected.  What lessons are you learning and where do you feel, in your soul, you have shared in these lessons before?  Are you being you?  Are you living authentically as part of your love relationship?  If not, how can you and your partner come together to support one another in being your true selves?

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  • Jasmine Mena
    November 4, 2013 at 2:25 pm

    Thanks for sharing… this is something I needed to read. 🙂

  • Sharon
    November 4, 2013 at 4:21 pm

    Whoop! This resonates for me big time. Much appreciated dear Spirt friends and dear messenger Jess 😀