Messages From Spirit {Oct 14 to Oct 20}

Let me start off by saying two things…HOLY CRAP is really the middle of October already?  And I’m sorry that we’re a day late this week!  Yesterday was my 7 year wedding anniversary and my husband {who is just as much of a homebody as me} took the day off from work so we could attempt to spend some time together without our respective computers and mobile devices in use.  It worked for a little while and he got to watch me get killed repeatedly playing Saints Row The Third {I blew threw 4 and went back to 3}.  But since this is the middle of the month I also want to remind you that time is ticking away to get your Halloween + Samhain tarot reading, but time is also running short for signing up for Talk To Your Angels.  People who sign up for both levels of the course before Monday the 21st got a few cool bonuses, so hop over and check that out.   But now it’s time for our reading of the week.

This week I’m using another new {to me} deck.  “The Answer Is Simple” by Sonia Choquette.  I’m a big fan of Sonia Choquette and this is a great, and as the name implies, simple deck for really anything!  The core of the deck is to help us see how to live in our Spirit rather than our Ego by reflecting to us messages that impact both but on very different levels.  Here’s what it has to say for this week.




Dare To Be Happy
Put Others First
Take Bite-Size Steps

Very different from the things we’ve been dealing with the last few weeks!  And that’s a good thing because we have a Mercury Retrograde about to start next Monday, but we’re in the pre-shadow now so you may be feeling a little of it already.  I have found that one of the best ways to deal with this tricky time is actually to put your focus on simplicity, and nothing is more simple that just being happy!


Being happy is a tricky thing for most people because we are too disconnected from our Spirit and so much more in service to our Ego.  When we’re happy and when we find joy in something we tend to end up with it being short lived or easily knocked down by someone else.  Others will ALWAYS try and knock you off the high-wire of joy like these two in the card are walking on.  They’ll throw roses at you, they’ll make you feel really great and at the top of your game only to then see how it looks when joy crumbles to pieces.  It’s a sick game but it’s the game the Ego runs.


That brings up to the next card for the week, Put Others First!


You know what, if they try and kick your joyful, dancing legs out from underneath you, fuck ’em!  Kill ’em with kindness!  Put your focus on those that would try and sabotage your joy and see how you can heal and help them.   Where do you see, from the outside, that they need help to bring in more joy?  Is there something you can do for them to help them feel more loved and more joyful?


This isn’t about gloating, but like the magician and the seal in the card it’s about helping people feel more ready to be on the stage of the world.  As the saying goes, some people just aren’t ready for primetime, and they may never be!  They may never be able to reach the same place as you have in your own life, and that’s fine!  We all have our own journey to make and for some people it’s not one that ends with their dreams realized but with big lessons learned and hidden blessings received as a result of failure.


[Tweet “Your journey may not end with your dreams realized but big lessons learned + hidden blessings.”]


Take time this week to share your joy with others who need it but do it in a way that isn’t gloating or condescending.   Help them learn to Take Bite-Sized Steps!


Sometimes the reason someone isn’t finding their joy is because they are so focused on the big picture {that’s another Ego move} that they never manage to find out how to manifest it in their own lives.  It’s all about either the end game that is too big for them to fathom or, ultimately, what they don’t have.


You DO NOT have to follow the crowd to get what they have.  It’s your journey!  You can go at your own pace!


Share with those that are trying to figure out how you did the little steps they can take to find their own joy.  But make sure they know that you understand their journey will never be identical to yours.


My guides are also telling me that for some of you this reading speaks to you being the one that isn’t able to find your joy.  It’s out there for you!  Find the person that has the happiness and they joy you seek, and with Spirit focused eyes rather than Ego focused ones, find what lessons and baby steps you can glean from their success and happiness.  Reach out to those people and be humble in asking for help or advice.


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Summing It Up…


This week is all about focusing on the simplest thing in the world.  Happiness.  Just be happy this week and screw anyone that is going to get in the way of it!  And when you see someone really struggling at the soul level with your happiness, lend a hand and some healing.  Your joy and happiness can be contagious if you focus on spreading it from the heart.

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