Messages From Spirit {Sept 16 to Sept 22}

Hey everyone, welcome back!  I’ve been on a little break the last couple of weeks, taking some time to regroup, get reorganized and refocused, and prepared for finishing out the year strong.  I’ve been hitting some really dark places in these last few weeks, all stuff I’ll definitely be talking about in this week’s e-zine, but needless to say I’ve been feeling a little less than love, light, and rainbows these days!  We all end up there at some point and it looks like this week’s Messages From Spirit really hits on this pretty dead on.

This week I’m using the Conscious Spirit Oracle Deck by Kim Dreyer for our reading.  I’m reading these cards in a 1-2-3 format rather than the usual beginning, middle, end of the week.  While working on shuffling and connecting my guides made it clear that this week wasn’t going to be that simple, which makes total sense since the last two weeks haven’t been either!

I also really wanted to share the backs of these cards.  The artwork on the backing is SO beautiful!




Ok here’s the reading!





Sun Goddess



Integration is all about bringing things to a place where they work well together – mind, body, and spirit in alignment and functioning so they complement each other.   We all know that everything is connected.  When the body isn’t well our minds don’t function like they should and then our spirit feels off.  When any of these three key parts of ourselves isn’t feeling tip top the others suffer.  One tries the make up for the lack of the other two.

Integration can signal a time for change.  Change is definitely coming!  We have the Autumn Equinox coming this weekend on the 22nd {or the Spring Equinox for you lovely folks down under}.  This is a time of balance!  A time for change and a time to make decisions.  Will you embrace the change and integrate it into your life or will you try to fight it?  Do you actually WANT things to be the same, be them good or bad?

The key here seems to be that it’s time to let some things go in order to make room for other things to come in and take their place.  Change is here!

It’s interesting that an equinox is upon us and we see the Sun Goddess appear.  Actually all THREE of these cards are really brilliant to see pop up with a seasonal change here.  The equinox is a time when things are in balance for a moment.  The earth stands neither toward or away from the sun and is in balance.

The Sun Goddess specifically talks about embracing light, embracing the joy and power of the sun.  Even for those of us who are about to experience the Autumn Equinox and lose precious hours of sunlight soon, we need to remember to make the most of the time we do have with the sun.  We need to make the time to go out and feel the sun on our face and soak in the power and energy of the sun.  Especially in the fall and winter months – that’s often when we need it most!

If this week you find that you need the sun’s energy on an even more intense level, or you are having some sunless days and there’s no sunlight to bask in, eat bright colored organic fruits and vegetables!  This is another way to take in the power and energy of the sun.  Make fresh squeezed orange juice from organic oranges or cut up some organic red and yellow peppers and dip them in some homemade hummus.  There is healing in this sun energy!

As with all things, however, it comes down to balance.  Balance is the key, but we often misunderstand what balance is all about.  We have this idea that balance means that everything is equal, but really balance is more about approaching things with the appropriate response.  Are you dealing with the darker elements of your life with the right response and action?  Maybe you’re not and you’re actually under or overreacting!  It’s time to take a good, balanced look at your life.

Balance is also a sign that we need to bring more moderation into our lives.  When we look at the Balance card in relation to the others in the reading we can ask ourselves about how we’re in moderation with our mind, body, and spirit.  Are we giving more attention to one over the other?  Have we let the concerns of one part of our life overtake another?  Are you letting in enough light into your life…or not enough?

We can’t live our lives in a bubble or a vacuum and we can’t be naive enough always think that the UNiverse will strike the balance for us.  We have to make the choices of how we’ll integrate things and balance things out in our own lives.  We have to be responsible for all we, the choices we make, and the energy we create and project.


Summing It Up…

This week we have the Autumn Equinox occurring so it’s time to take a cue from this seasonal energy around us and looking for how we need to bring balance back into our lives.   How is the balance between our mind, body, and spirit?  Are we bringing all three into harmony?  How can we bring more healing energy into our lives to help with this balance?  Are our choices the best and most balanced for the outcome we desire?

Be sure to take a moment on the equinox to thank the dying sun for it’s energy.  On Sunday the equinox happens at 1:44pm PST/4:44 EST.  Just before this time get outside and get into the rays of the sun and say a blessing for the dying sun.  Say a blessing for the earth.  Say a blessing for yourself.  Ask for balance and guidance to keep the dark balanced in light as you move into the dark season.


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