Messages from Spirt {week of Jan 28 to Feb 3}

Welcome to the {sort of} return of a weekly post segment that I used to do on the blog where I did a Spirit-guided message for the coming week.  Over this last week, with all the changes and personal work I’ve been doing, I felt guided by my angels and guides to bring this weekly segment back.  It’s something that I used to love to do, and quite honestly I can’t really tell you why I stopped doing it!  The process is simple.  I go into meditation and ask my angels, guides, and Spirit to present me with a message that needs to be passed on through the blog.  I then use one of my many favorite decks of oracle or angle cards to deliver the details.  Sometimes the angels specifically come through with the message, other times it’s certain guides of mine or more of God/Goddess/Spirit.  Either way it’s a divine, Spirit-guided message for the week ahead.

Here is the message for this coming week, the week of January 28th through February 3rd.  The deck I’m using here is one done by Doreen Virtue and her daughter-in-law Melissa Virtue called “Angel Dreams“.


The big message for this week:

[fontpress type=”webfonts” name=”Coming Soon” size=”18px” lh=”18px” color=”#00602A”]Your dreams matter!  But your dreams can’t manifest if you treat them like wishes. [/fontpress]

The first card, Daydream, shows us the first part of the week.  It’s time to take a little step back, or better yet a step within.  Reconnect with your dreams and that things that you truly desire to see manifest in your life.  Give them depth and feeling, make them more than just small ideas!  Make the really real in your mind.  In the image the woman is wearing a purple, gauzy dress which calls for us to see these daydreams in the one place where we can really see them, through our Third Eye.  Take time for meditation, journaling, and taking time to breath your dreams in deeply so they become a part of you.

In the middle of the week we have the card Nettle.  In herb magick and herb lore nettle is used for dispelling negativity and evil.  Here we’re called to create boundaries against anything that might come along and step in our way on the path to our dreams.  It might be that there are people in your life that if you share your dreams with they will have a field day stomping all over them.  You might also find that it’s actually YOU who needs to get out of the way so Spirit can bring your dreams to you.  Take an herb bath around mid-week with a bath tea made of nettle in order to help cleanse yourself of negativity.  You might also consider sprinkling nettle around your home or workplace to keep those gossiping “negative Nancy’s” away.

And as the week starts to come to an end we see the Premonition card.  At this point, if you have worked to clear out and remove the immediate obstacles, it’s time to ask Spirit to show you what the next steps to manifesting your dreams are.  We often pray to God/Goddess/Spirit and ask for help or ask for guidance but then we shut down and only look for it to come in a specific way.  My guides have made it very clear that messages this week will come in ways we don’t expect, and maybe in the last forms we might ever look.  The key is keeping your eyes {your physical ones and your spiritual ones} and heart wide open and ready to receive.  Also, look for messages to come to you in three’s; this is often the sign of a true message from Spirit {and, I don’t know about you, but when I allow the messages in this card to come through with clairvoyantly I even see the number three}.  If you get a message three times this week it’s time to really, truly listen.  Spirit is calling!

Hope you all have a fantastic and blessed week!  Visit me on Twitter and Facebook and let me know how your dreams are manifesting this week!

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  • Renee
    January 28, 2013 at 10:28 am

    I’ve been seeing a lot of messages about listening to Spirit lately; this was very insightful, thanks for the post!

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