Messages From Spirit – Aug 18 to 24


This week I felt called by the powerful spirits of the animal realm.  Have you worked with your personal power animal before?  Have you found your different animal allies yet?  If you have I can’t wait to chat with you about it this week in the comments, because this week we’re all about connecting with our animal spirit allies.  If you haven’t, you’ll get a chance soon!  I have a really awesome workshop series coming up soon and one of those workshops will involve learning how to find your spirit animals and how to work with them.  But for now, let’s see what the animal spirits have to say this week.

This week’s deck is The Secret Language of Animals by Chip Richards.


Messages Aug 18


Mind – Giant Panda

Body – Earth

Spirit – Snow Leopard


When it comes to what’s on your mind and what needs to be given attention this week, Giant Panda shows up with a very important message of balance.  Pandas are very interesting animals – they spent 12+ hours a day eating and caring for themselves and when a new cub is born the mother often holds it or otherwise keeps it as close as possible for approximately the first year and a half of its life.   Pandas love and care deeply and they are here to let you know that this week you need to put your focus and mind on your own wellness and self-care routine.

Pandas, with their black and white fur, are a symbol of balance, of bringing together the Yin and the Yang.  Self-care is not selfish, it’s critical to a healthy and balanced life.  But in today’s world of rushing and being on the go and needing to always have our focus be on a goal or an achievement, we often let that part of our lives fall to the wayside.  When we do decide to take time for it we often feel bad or like that time could be better spent taking care of someone else.

Panda’s message this week is to allow yourself to have self-care thoughts and give yourself space in your own heart and mind to care for yourself.  Remember that the more you allow yourself to be immersed in true joy in your life – joy for the joy’s sake rather than as a reward for a job well done – you’ll see more joy show up with ease and grace.


While I find it interesting that in the position guiding our actions this week that Earth shows up, I’m also not surprised.  When we are called to a place of self-care we are also being pulled to get back to the basics and get grounded once more.

A lack of grounding leads to everything from lack of mental clarity to physical unrest.  The Earth card here in our body or actions position is calling for us to ground ourselves, become earthed in our bodies and to allow for the simple, basic healing of the earth to being us back to balance.

Have you heard of the process known today as “earthing”?  If you haven’t give it a little Google love and look for it.  Earthing is what scientists and alternative doctors call the process of letting the natural electromagnetic vibrations of the earth’s body, core and surface heal us.   There are tons of Earthing products out there but you can get this healing done for free by simply going outside, taking off your shoes and standing or walking in the grass, dirt and sand.

This week make a point to at least go out and do this two or three times for 10 minutes a piece.  If this means going to a park or the beach because you don’t have any earth where you live, make the point to do it all in the name of self-care.  Simply stand, breathe deeply, relax and feel into your feet, into the earth, down deep to the hot molten core of the Mother who sustains us and feel that healing vibration.  Let it work it’s magic without any intention or direction – it knows what to do for you and your body knows how to respond.


The last card for the week, the one that looks that the lessons that Spirit is bringing us, is represented by the energy of Snow Leopard.  Snow leopards are mostly solitary animals, only coming together with others of their kind for mating season and spending the rest of the year hiking alone or with their cubs.  They are passive animals who prefer to step back and allow larger animals to do their thing in peace and only ever get aggressive if their own babies are being threatened.

The lesson that Spirit and Snow Leopard are sharing this week is focused on begin OK with your own path and your own solitude.  Self-care is a path that we often have to walk alone.  If we walk it with others we start getting influenced by what they feel is self-care or what their vision is for a proper self-care practice.  We can certainly support our sisters in self-care journeys but the deepest healing, grounding and restoration of balance comes when we forge our own path based on our intuition and the needs our own body and soul are guiding us toward.

There are times when we need to be outward and expressive and other times where we are being called to go within and seek answers and balance quietly but with just as much awareness and agility.  That’s what Snow Leopard and Spirit are calling for you to learn this week – how to turn inward and really find balance and hear that intuitive voice that guides you, showing you when to fight and when to agilely sidestep something for your own benefit.


How does this ring true for you?

Tell me down in the comments about how you feel these spirit messages sound and feel for you right now.
:speech_balloon:Do you know where you need balance and self-care?  Can you already see a plan in your mind for how you’ll make it happen?  Need help coming up with a plan?  Let me know and we’ll talk about it in the comments.

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  • Jenn Waltner
    August 18, 2014 at 10:19 am

    Thanks for the reminder that self-care is a critical component of balance… and that it’s not the same for everyone. Both my husband and I changed jobs this year and we’re still negotiating the different ways we process change (and stress). My version of self-care involves curling up with cats, a book, and some tea, whereas his version calls for socializing and meeting new people. As long as we can remember and respect those differences and find a balance that works for both of us, we’re good.

  • TheM8triark
    August 20, 2014 at 12:08 pm

    This weeks message from Spirit fit me perfectly ! This is right wheee I am at. The Snow Leopard describes me to a “T”. I love it! I definitely need to make time for self care. What an awesome message! Thank you!

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