Messages From Spirit Dec 8 – 14


This week while I was digging around and looking for a deck to use for our Spirit messages I was called to a deck that I haven’t used in so long that I can honestly say I don’t remember the last time I used it.  It’s The Fairy Ring oracle by Anna Franklin and Paul Mason.  Back in the day when I’d first picked up this deck I used it all the time, mostly because I was in a huge faery phase at the time, but now it’s say lonely and sad among other rarely touched cards for ages.  It just wanted some love!

This deck is an oracle deck, not tarot, but is divined into suits called “Courts”.  Each Court represents faeries and elements that connect to specific seasons, so there’s the Spring Court, Summer Court, Autumn Court and Winter Court.  There is also a section of eight cards called The Fairy Festival Cards which represent eight seasonal celebrations and their faery connections.

So let’s dive in!


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Mind – Fairy Festival: Herfest

Body – Winter Court: Fachan

Spirit: Spring Court: Brownie


It’s time for really making sure we have all the last bits and pieces of our harvest for the year gathered and assessed.  Now is the time to make sure that you’re looking at what you have gained from the year that’s ending and see what may have died on the vine while being eternally grateful for those things that worked out beautifully.  But there’s an important part of this harvest assessment that the faeries want you to take note of – recognizing those who have helped you get where you are.

Herfest is celebrated at the Autumn Equinox and while the grains are brought in the faeries are honored at the same time as it was believed that they helped to protect and grow the crops through the season.  But they don’t do this for selfless reasons.  They expect to get their share too.  It was feared that if a farmer didn’t give a portion to the faeries as an offering of thanks that they may not see their crops grow that well next year.

As you’re assessing your 2014 and how all your goals and dreams went, be sure to take time to give thanks to those who helped you.  Find a way to make an appropriate “offering” to them, especially now that the holidays are here.  As you know, when you aren’t grateful and don’t show your gratitude to those who have been there for you they may not be there for you next time!


The Winter Court faery Fachan is an interesting character to show up in the realm of actions to take this week as he represents retreat, planning and stepping back so you don’t do anything to hastily, especially things that you might regret later.

Fachan has one arm and one eye…he has one of everything.  This isn’t just because of his odd position or stance but is reminiscent of descriptions of Celtic shamans and magicians who did their work with one eye closed so they had one eye focused on the inner world and one on the outer world.  This is what you need this week.

While you’re working on looking at what worked and what didn’t from 2014 and you’re looking at the people and situations that helped or hindered your year, be sure to look within as well as without for guidance.  You may find that your Ego gets in the way a bit and tries to tell you stories about your year that aren’t entirely true.  Instead, by looking within and asking your Higher Self for guidance things could become much more clear and focused.

It’s also important to note that Fachan is kind of hiding out among the mushrooms.  He’s doing this away from everyone else and not letting others influence his thoughts and judgment. Do this work on your own for the most part and don’t go to others for advice and suggestions.  You know what’s best and you’ll get the best clarity by taking action on your own.


Lastly we are visited by the Brownie from the Spring Court to share the lesson of the week.  Brownies are solitary house faeries that do the work and cleaning up in the home for their human housemates while they sleep.  They’re up at night working away and as soon as morning comes they head off to bed and delight in knowing that they did a good night’s work to honor those who allow them to share their home.

The lesson with the Brownie is all about finding simple pleasures in the home and with family.  Spirit is asking you to take time this week and look at all these things and see how home and family have played their role this year.  What in your home or family needs a little tidying up? What are not not being grateful for that you should be honoring? How can you celebrate your family this holiday? What do you need to do to really make your home your castle in the year to come?

We have a tendency to spend a lot of time in the outside world – outside our home and outside from our families – looking for sources of joy, security and happiness when what we really need to do is find these things where we are already rooted.  But, Spirit reminds you, family isn’t just your family of the blood but also your family of the heart, the “family” you choose in the form of friends.


To wrap it up…

This week you’ll be doing some big work to reflect on 2014 and make sure that you have pulled in all your harvests for the year, but you need to make sure that if you want to see that success blossom and grow or continue in 2015 you need to give thanks and honor those who have come before you.  The best way to do this is to look within and do the work yourself, without asking other people for their thoughts or guidance.  You have the answers within.  Spirit wants to make sure you’re able to recognize your blessings on your own and that your “inner house” is clean and clear and ready for an amazing 2015.

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    December 8, 2014 at 3:32 pm

    Thank you for doing these each week. I look forward to them 🙂