Messages From Spirit Jan 19 – 25


Welcome to another week…and I don’t mean to scare you but it’s almost the end of the month and it’s going to be Mercury Retrograde in a few days.  2015, where are you going already?

This week also heralds a bit of a change with Messages From Spirit.  At the end of the regular weekly reading I’ll also fill you in on any news I have for the week.  This week I have a few things for you so be sure to keep an eye out for that at the end.

This week we’re using the Wild Unknown Tarot for our reading, so let’s dive in!


Photo Jan 19, 11 20 29 AM


Mind – 5 of Pentacles

Body – The Empress

Spirit – Ace of Wands


The week’s energy is defined this week by the 5 of Pentacles.  On our minds this week will be thoughts of loss, regret, fear and even a sense of being left out of something important.  But before you get too worried and let your mind totally run away with you, ask yourself what real physical evidence there is around these things.  Are you assuming the worst or are you actually witnessing it happen?

Keep in mind that everything ends.  Everything has a point where it’s time to let go so something else can take its place.  You may be holding on to something that actually needs to be released in order to let something new and better come in.  We can actually cause a good deal of this stress, anxiety and worry because we aren’t willing to just let go when it’s time!  

This week be sure to take time to get into a quiet place of inner reflection to ask yourself how you might be contributing to your own feelings of loss and sadness.  Are you creating more of a problem in your mind than is really happening in reality?   Are you holding on where you need to be letting go?


Our actions this week are suggested by The Empress.  She’s all about nurturing ourselves in times like this.  It’s OK to retreat a little if that’s what you need, and this week doing that through meditation and reflection will be super helpful.  Do this without guilt!  Don’t feel badly for taking time for yourself.

The Empress is also one of the key cards related to nature in the tarot.  You may find that taking time to simply go outside, no matter what the weather, and connect with the natural world in stillness and silence will help bring you untold clarity. Even if it’s freezing and snowy where you are, that stillness in the frozen earth has an energy that can really clear your mind like no other right now.

This week you’ll find that by taking a little time to just simply step back, care for yourself and really not take much action other than to get your head on straight will be the best thing you can do.


And lastly our lesson from Spirit this week comes in the form of the Ace of Wands. You have more power than you realize and you need to take control over it, especially when it comes to how it impacts your own life.  Your thoughts have great power and energy!  What you tell yourself and what you choose to see and believe in any situation strongly affects you.  But taking this time to sit back and evaluate things from a distance you’ll start to see just how much you’re contributing to how you’re feeling and how you can change that around.

Once you have this knowledge a little more securely in your mind this week start to make changes with the thoughts you choose to think or the things you choose to put your mind and attention on.  It will completely change your world and you’ll surely see a change even before the week is out!


This Week’s News


Registration is open for the next session of Cosmic Wisdom Camp!

Playing With Fire, a 4 week course in candle magic, starts on February 2nd.  We’ll be spending 4 weeks working with different types of candles and candle rituals, from simple intention candles all the way to loaded 7-day candles with a few cool things in-between.   Registration is open until Feb 1st.  Find out more here!


Did you get your 2015 Power Animal Reading?

If not, there’s still time!  These special readings designed to help you discover and connect to your power animal for this year will be available until January 31st.  Find out how to get your reading here.


Mercury Retrograde is Coming!

And some people are freaking out.  Check out this video with a little experiment I want you to play with during this first Mercury Retro of the year to help you get more of an idea of how you can make this one and the next two easier on yourself.

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