Messages From Spirit – July 28 to August 3rd


This week’s reading is being done with my own oracle deck.  I made the deck back in March when I was horribly sick with the flu.  I fell ill while in the middle of what was supposed to be a personal retreat and soon, while sick and hanging out on my couch for 4 days, I managed to make an oracle deck from scratch.  I love this deck, and I loved making it!  I’m planning to work on another deck later this fall, one that I may make the decision to publish {I’m not sure yet}.

I thought that since I haven’t used this deck in a while for a weekly Messages From Spirit reading I’d use it today since I’ve used it a little in the last week for my Card of the Day reading on Instagram.




Mind – It’s a Journey not a Race!

Body – Third Eye Chakra

Spirit – Go Out On A Limb


Starting out and looking at the general energy and thoughts floating around we have It’s a Journey not a Race! I love this card and find it interesting to have it fall in the Mind area {air + air = lots of thoughts going on}.  This week you may find your head really, really full.  Lots going on and lots to think about.  How much you let fill your head this week is going to determine how far you drift off your path.

Think about a hot air balloon.  They don’t move too fast.  They can, but they really shouldn’t.  When they move too quickly they are easy to lose control of and soon they risk crashing.

Think about how a hot air balloon flies. Hot air fills the balloon and it rises.  When too much of the hot air escapes through the envelope at the top or if the air cools the balloon descends from the sky.  Depending on where you’re going and what you’re doing how much air is let out and how much more hot air is added varies.

This week your thoughts are going to be like a hot air balloon.  You’ll want to let some of them go because they are getting you too high and too off course.  You’ll also want to make sure they aren’t pulling you along too far too fast and turning an otherwise pleasant journey into a race with the risk of a crash and burn ending.

It’s a week for mindfulness for sure!


The card of action for the week is the Third Eye Chakra.  Let this be another “go slow” sign for you!  The Third Eye always asks us to look within, stop and pause to find the messages and guidance that we need rather than running around and searching outside ourselves.  Make time for meditation this week and be sure to pay attention to your dreams.

Before going to sleep hold an intention in your mind about what you may need an answer or guidance on.  If there is a particular thought in your head that may have you racing a bit, ask your guides, angels, and the Divine to help bring you messages and answers to dealing with in while you sleep.  Hold that thought and intention in your mind until you drift off to sleep.  When you wake up in the morning, wake slowly and give yourself a chance to recall your dreams from the night before, writing down anything that really stands out for you.  You may need to do this throughout the week – rarely do all the answers come in one dream, but they can!


The lesson for this week is to Go Out On A Limb.  There is something bouncing around in that pretty head of yours this week that is really begging for action.  Let your dreams and your inner wisdom guide you but then you have to go out on a limb a bit and actually do something with that wisdom.  The owl is a symbol of wisdom and listening to our inner old soul – the moon above the clouds shows us that if we allow our inner priestess to be our guide we can get the clarity we need.  All of this means nothing unless you take action!


So this week you need to not let your thoughts and wild ideas run away from you.  Let go of the ones that are just going to take you off course {don’t worry, they’ll be back} and instead focus on what really matters in the here and now.  Look within, through meditation and dreams, to find the real guidance you need.  Everything you need to know right now is already inside you, you just have to draw it out.  And then you have to actually do something with all that awesome wisdom and those great ideas.


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