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Just when you thought I couldn’t have any more blogs, I’ve started a tarot blog. Originally I was doing this on my other website but with the way that I set it up it doesn’t work out quite the way I wanted it to.  So I decided that it would be just as well to bring it to it’s own place. I didn’t want this to be part of One Witch’s Way for the simple fact that it makes things more organized and helps those who aren’t into the Craft but interested in the tarot a chance to read and play there without feeling they have to wade through all the other stuff.

This is where you’ll find the weekly and monthly tarotscopes, links for reading specials, tarot reviews for decks and books, and tarot related posts.  I’m going to be starting a teaching series focused around Emily Carding’s Tarot of the Sidhe which will be starting this week.  And we’ll talk about tarot spreads, tarot ethics, tarot reading techniques and other such things. It’s going to be a fun place to talk about tarot, talk about psychic development, and a place for people to ask questions and learn about tarot on a deeper level.

So come by and check it out. I’ve added it to NetworkedBlogs so you’ll have the chance to follow it that way and you can also subscribe to the RSS feed for the blog.   Check it out and join me for some tarot fun!

Rowan’s Tarot Blog

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