Mystical Mentoring

Mystic Mentoring is email coaching for ladies living busy lives that need more magick and spirit! We’ll dig into all the same mentoring and coaching goodness of a series of phone sessions through the power of email! No matter what time of day or where in the world you are, any time you need to reach out for help you can. Ask me for help with anything from love, forgiveness, and letting go to spiritual practice, manifesting, and magickal biz tips. We’re going to get to the heart of the issue, find realistic and doable action steps, and create a true path forward.

There’s never any shame is reaching out for help. Just like doctors go to other doctors when they need surgery, even the best spiritual babe needs to lean on another when their path gets foggy. I’m here to help you find your way through it.


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Not everyone has time to sit down for 60-90 minutes every couple of weeks for an in-person or virtual coaching session. You work, you have family, you have a life! But that doesn’t mean that if you are dealing with something and you’d like some help that you shouldn’t be able to get it.

Hey, your phone's already out because you're taking pictures all the time, now you can take out your phone when you're in need of some real help and need someone to talk to.

That’s why I’m offering email coaching! It’s coaching but in the form of email, plain and simple but powerful.


How It Works:

Once you book your coaching package, we’ll start with a little foundational work. I’ll send you a quick “getting to know you” questionnaire so I can get a general idea about you, what you need help with, and what kind of tools you might be open to like crystals, tarot, meditation, tapping, etc. This initial questionnaire helps me get an idea of what I can do to help you in our email sessions so I can tailor everything to you.

When I receive that you’ll get an email from me. I’ll confirm receiving your info and if I have any initial questions just for clarity I’ll let you know. I’ll also pull a card for you to help sat the stage for our work together.

Then the ball’s in your court. When you’re ready just send your first email with your questions and what you need help with and we’re off!

You’ll have unlimited access to me through email for the period of time you have chosen. It’s that simple!

Is Mystic Mentoring Right For You?

Mystic Mentoring is right for you if you’re feeling a bit stuck, like you’ve hit a wall or are coming up empty on ideas how to move forward and you’re committed to taking action. I work best with women who are willing to own their strengths AND weaknesses, badass babes who are honest with themselves about where they are and who know what they want but just need help getting there. As long as you’re ready and willing to do the work, we’ll get on just fine.

What You Should Know About How I Work:

I’ll try to give all I can through our email discussions. Every email is writing to you by me specifically dealing with your situation. There are no scripts or templates used here!

I strive to respond to all emails within 24-48 hours. The only time you wont here from me is on the weekends. You’re welcome to email me, but all emails received over the weekend will be reviewed on Monday.

My emails to you will always contain "Soul Missions" {aka homework} because we’re here to work not just chat, right? These assignments will be tailored to your preferences from your questionnaire How you choose to work with those suggestions, resources, and assignments I send your way is up to you. I’m not here to hand hold you and push you to make change, you need to come ready to take action.


Am I The Right Coach For You?

I'm The Right Coach For You If...

✨ You enjoy working with magickal, spiritual, and metaphysical tools to deal your mundane problems.

✨ You understand and believe that everything that happens to us has both a spiritual connection and lesson for us; everything happens for a reason.

✨ You’re not afraid of getting kind of woo-woo but you also don’t care for woo-wooy bullshit; you like your spirituality practical.

✨ You’re not afraid of a little tough love and being called out when you’re clearly making excuses and getting in your own way.

✨ You don’t need hand holding, you just need someone to grab you firmly by the shoulders, shake you a little, and point you in the right direction.

✨ Most of all, you’re totally fed up with shit as it is and you are ready to do the work and create some change!

✨ Generally you don’t my swearing, random quotes, cliche metaphors, pop culture references, and spiritual coaching with an edge.

I’m the WRONG Coach For You If…

✨ You consider yourself to be a “love and light” kind of woo woo spiritual person.

✨ You believe in keeping your spiritual work separate from everything else in your life.

✨ You have a hard time ever finding anything to laugh about when it comes to spirituality, life, and dealing with problems.

✨ You have “virgin ears.”

✨ You think witchcraft and magick are “dark” and/or “evil.”

✨ You just believe things you are taught/that you read/that you hear from a spiritual teacher because you just assume if they have a book/tv show/podcast/popular YouTube channel that everything they say is honest and true.

Let’s put it this way. If you’re someone who would wear mala beads to a music festival and they aren’t merely a trendy fashion statement, we’re probably good.

After having "randomly" stumbled upon Jess's Facebook page a little over two years ago I was immediately hooked by her realness and her level of being so down to earth even though she very clearly possesses all the gifts that she does. I became an avid follower of her's on Facebook, Instagram and Periscope. She was my very first introduction to the world of fellow spiritual followers online. I found it so refreshing to hear about all these spiritual topics that I'd always been fascinated by, broken down in layman's terms making it so much easier for a junior practitioner like myself to be able to figure out how easily new techniques could be applied to my everyday life.


When the opportunity to work with Jess one-on-one via her email coaching program I JUMPED ON IT! Jess approaches her students on a completely peer-level, where even though we all know she knows/is capable of much more than we may be at this time there's always an air of comfort/friendship between us. At no point was I ever ashamed to the point of withholding information or ever put in a position of unacceptable requests throughout our coaching. It truly felt like I was working with a completely trustworthy friend all along the way. I felt like I'd signed up for the best pen pal EVER and I truly found myself anticipating her email replies, rushing straight to my email to share with her as soon as starting coming in from our work.


While she emphasizes that the work we've done together would have not been possible without my willingness to participate/trust in her guidance, I truly do feel that the recent progress/clarity I've attained would not have come as easily without her help. I feel like a brand new woman, ready to embark on a journey that I'd already had in mind previously but never possessed the manifestation power or focus to bring it to reality until now. Thanks to YOU, Jess! I fully and wholeheartedly believe in all the power and help Jess can bring to the world. If you're truly looking to make a life change and wouldn't mind making an awesome friend in the process, Jess is absolutely your girl!

~ Alyssa M.

Picking The Right Package For You

Before picking out a coaching package be sure to consider how long you want to spend with me working on your concerns. Not everything can be solved in a month. You can naturally come back and purchase more time at the end if you feel you want to keep going, but make sure you’re coming into the process with realistic expectations.

Mystic Mentoring 1 Month

$275.00 1 Month
  • Unlimited Email Coaching
  • Personal Tarot + Numerology Profile
  • Personalized Coaching Tools
  • Intuitive Readings As Needed
  • Bonus Resources

Mystic Mentoring 2 Months

$375.00 2 Months
  • Unlimited Email Coaching
  • Personalized Tarot + Numerology Profile
  • Personalized Coaching Tools
  • Intuitive Readings As Needed
  • Bonus Resources

Mystic Mentoring 3 Months

$475.00 3 Months
  • Unlimited Email Coaching
  • Personalized Tarot + Numerology Profile
  • Personalized Coaching Tools
  • Intuitive Readings As Needed
  • Bonus Resources

The Fine Print

❗️ Please note that if you purchase a 2 or 3 month coaching package these months are done in succession {i.e. a 3 month coaching package purchased in June will cover June, July, August}

❗️ A month begins on the day your first email for coaching is received. If your first email is sent on the 10th of the month then a month will go from the 10th to the 10th {i.e. June 10th – July 10th}

❗️ Your first email for coaching must be sent within 10 business days of purchase otherwise your package will be forfeited.

❗️ No refunds will be issues for forfeited packages or unused time/months. Be sure you’re purchasing the right package for you and that you are really ready to do this work!

Have questions?

If you have any questions at all about Mystic Mentoring email me!