October Tarotscopes

After a long absence I am happy to announce the return of the monthly tarotscopes! If you’re not familiar with these postings, what I do is draw a single card for each astrological sign for the month and provide a brief reading for that card. There is no actual astrology involved aside from working with the individual signs. These are simple quick horoscopes done with the use of tarot divination. Each month I use a specific tarot deck for the reading and, whenever possible, I share the images from the deck as links to the card name so you can see what I’m looking at when I work with your card.

This month, because it’s October and it’s time for Halloween, I decided to work with a deck that has a bit of a darker look; The Twilight Realm, A Tarot of Faery. Unfortunately I do not have images of this deck to post (and these cards are glossy making them difficult to photograph). I have included a few in the post to show examples of some of the cards.

The month of October in my Pagan spiritual tradition is a month that signifies the end of one year and the start of another. In the Celtic calendar the year isn’t divided into four seasons. As an agricultural society they worked with two seasons, summer, the growing time, and winter, the dying time. Samahin, pronounced “sow-en”, Gaelic for November, signified the end of summer and start of winter. Samhain Eve, known to most of us as Halloween, is a night for honoring the Ancestors that use this in-between time as a chance to poke their heads in through the veil between the worlds to pay us a visit. This is a month where we see the last harvest and the beginning of a time of rest.


Aries – 5 Rings
October might be a bit of a cold and lonely month for you, but it’s not a time to be sad or feel despondent. It’s a time to prepare for what’s coming next. There is a chance for your to easily fall ill or fall into feelings of seasonal depression this month if you don’t keep your eye turned to something positive. Stay aware of what’s happening around you and remember that this is very much an in-between time with Samhain and Halloween occurring now. Anything is possible, so stay on top of what’s happening around you.

Taurus – 10 Cups
Joy and celebration will be largely on your mind this month. You may find that during October you’re social calendar is going to fill up quick and you’re constantly being looked at the be the life of the party. Things at home are going to be busy but happy. Make sure to take time to decorate for the season and welcome the Ancestral spirits that visit us during this time of year.

Gemini – Ace of Rings
There are some great opportunities for financial change and growth this month if you’re ready and willing to grab that ring and run with it! If you’re looking to make some personal financial changes before the holiday season in order to afford those expenses that always rack up, now is the time to start putting into place a savings plan into place. Try and keep things simple this month and pay attention to your energy, making sure to give yourself the necessary rest and downtime.

Cancer – 2 Wands
Much like how the faery in this card is sending her energy to the plant to help it grow, this month will be a time for you to lend your energy to those around you. What ventures can you be instrumental in being helpful with? Are there projects going on at your place of employment or something that friends or family are doing that you can lend a hand with? Look for opportunities this month to put your creative energy to work for someone else as a way to give back to the Universe that has blessed you in the past.

Leo – 7 Wands
If you’ve been feeling like it’s time to give up on something, don’t! In this card Rumpelstiltskin helps the desperate daughter of the King learn to spin the gold that she must produce for him to save their kingdom. In the last moment she is saved by someone who knows what it takes to get the job done. The month of October might be a bit of a struggle for you to accomplish a difficult task placed before you, but don’t give up! Help is there if you’re willing to accept and you will prevail over anything.

Virgo – 5 Cups
The faery in the 5 of Cups is a faery that loves the water but she comes here because there is a sense that she can let her emotions flow with the water. She can cry and her tears are unheard over the sound of the rushing waters around her. You may find that this is a month for a lot of healing and some emotional release. But the thing about this faery is she know this is part of her journey and something that she needs to let out. Know that this is OK and you are loved and supported during this time.

Libra – King of Cups
The King of Cups come forward to hold out his cup for you. He is kind and compassionate and he’s a strong leader who’s been through everything you’ve been through at one time or another. He knows how to help you if you are looking to accept some help. October may be a month for you that has a focus on healing through the help of others. Taking time to sit in meditation, by water if at all possible, and listen to the messages that water can offer you. Learn to let your emotions ebb and flow like the tides and let those around you with experience help you learn how to ride those tides.

Scorpio – 4 Swords
The sword that has been thrust in the roots of this leafless tree shows a time of rest. The tree is in it’s winter sleep and the sword has been set aside so it’s owner can also take a breather. The faery lights guide the tree and the sword and wait for the return of life and energy. October is going to be a time for you to finally get some rest. It will be a time for you to put down your proverbial sword and just give in to your body’s need to rest and recuperate. You’ll be watched over and guarded while you rest and everything will be there waiting for you when you’re ready to come back.

Sagittarius – 5 Wands
These elfin guardians stand by and keep an eye on their passage, making sure to guard against anyone that may come to pass that shouldn’t. For the most part they don’t mean to cause trouble or harm but not everyone understands or knows they’re motives. This month be careful that your joking and playful actions do not become confused or misunderstood by those around you. It’s possible that things could be taken a bit too far by some and could cause you more drama than you really need.

Capricorn – The Devil
This faery is stuck, stuck between two rocks and in a tight place where trying to escape could mean more pain and more difficulties. Maybe it’s better to just stay put. October may be a time where you find yourself either hitting rock bottom with something or feeling like you’re at that point where you have to decide if making some serious changes to escape your difficult spot will be worth the pain that changes can bring. The faery in this image shields her face from her own reflection in the water to avoid seeing what’s happening. Don’t avoid your reflection; find what needs to be changed and start making those steps toward freedom.

Aquarius – 4 Wands
It’s time to stop and take a moment to acknowledge your accomplishments and the successes you have had this year. These two faeries are stopping from their work with the plants and the flowers to let the other know what a great job they have done. We often work so hard that we miss out on our success and we often never slow down enough to congratulate others on a job well done. Take time during the month of October to not only celebrate your accomplishments from the year but also to pat the back of someone else who has worked hard and done well for themselves. It’s a matter of showing gratitude and appreciation to others; the world will always reward you for that!

Pisces – Princess of Rings
This Princess is a healer. She comes along to help others find their potential and make sure that they are caring for themselves so they can live out that potential. With her arrival for you for the month of October she signals that it’s important to pay attention to your health this month. Don’t let the darkening season be a reason for you to start slacking off on your health and activity. Take a little time to look at your diet and your exercise routines and see if there are any things that need to be changed to keep you going or to inspire you to maintain your health over the coming winter months.


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