October 4 - November 6

Halloween Readings!

As the spiritual year ends and a new one comes with the parting of the Veil Between the Worlds, get a fun and spooky Halloween reading for Samhain. These readings bring the fun of the Halloween season and the insight desired during the Witch’s New Year.

About my Readings

Witchy Guidance

Your reading will bring witchy wisdom and magickal guidance and suggestions to help you as you move into the next spiritual year.

Short and Sweet

This Halloween themed reading is a short 5 card reading that brings guidance to your questions. It will come to you as a beautiful (and festive) PDF that you can save and look back to later.

You Have The Power

My readings don't predict the future or tell you what will happen to you. Instead they help guide you to making the best decisions for you so you can manifest the outcome you most desire.

Halloween Reading

Deck Menu

Choose your own deck for your reading.
Pick from four different Halloween/spooky themed decks! 
(you’ll be able to pick your deck when filling out your client info form after purchase)

Tarot Decks

  • The Bohemian Gothic Tarot
  • The Halloween Tarot

Oracle Decks

  • Season of the Witch Samhain Oracle
  • The Halloween Oracle

Special Halloween Pricing

Book Your Reading

Halloween Reading

$ 45
  • 5 Card Reading
  • Deck of Your Choice
  • PDF with Card Pics
  • Detailed and Magickal

Once you purchase your reading you’ll be directed to fill out a client info form where you’ll provide your name, date of birth, email address, and info about what you are looking for guidance on. 

Turn around time for your reading will be approximately 3 – 5 business days.
(Monday – Friday)

Halloween Reading

$ 99
  • 60 Min Zoom Call
  • Deck of Your Choice
  • Recording Download
  • Post Reading Resources

Get a live reading over Zoom and really feel the magick!

We’ll light a candle and burn some offering incense to your ancestors, guides, and the Gods and invite them in to our reading session. You’ll get access to recording to download and revisit as needed, as well as a PDF of post-reading resources and suggestions! 

Have Questions?

If you have any questions at all about purchasing a reading from me, please feel free to ask! Before booking your reading, just send me a quick message with your questions and I’ll be sure to get back to ASAP!