Shadows & Light: Angel of Alchemy

Today’s Shadows & Light card is Angel of Alchemy who carries the message “Miracle”.  The Angel of Alchemy stands in a gateway between a figure of the living and skeleton of the dead.  She represents the energy and mediator between the living and the dead.  She also has the ability to work with the energy of both these realms and with that she carries the power to heal the living.  She can work miracles if we’re willing to work with her and allow her to do her magick.

The Angel of Alchemy is a card of healing and a card that asks you to evaluate and take notice of your life.  You may be dealing with a health issue or someone close to you may be dealing with something that might require a healing miracle.  We can see these miracles happen and we can invite them into our lives if we’re willing to let it happen.  We need to let the Angel of Alchemy know we are ready and willing to make changes to bring in healing.  This angel may be leading you into a situation where you will find the right doctors or the right methods of dealing with your condition (or the condition of a loved one; if this is the case you may be coming into a position of being a guide toward this person’s healing process).

Like with everything else, the Angel of Alchemy has the power to work miracles and do wonderful things in your life but you have to be open to letting them happen and willing to working with her.  One thing that she asks you to do when she approaches you is “What do you have left to do before you die?”  You could almost say she’s the one that provides you with a blank sheet of paper that says “Bucket List” on top of it and says “Here, fill this out” and then she waits to see what you want to do.  Then she’s going to help you to try and fulfill those desires.  If you’re willing…

Take this as a sign that now is a time to start evaluating your health and your life.  What do you have left to do with your life?  If you knew you only had a month left to live, what would you do with that time?  If you knew that someone you cared for only had a month to live what would you do for them or with them?  Take this opportunity to work some miracles in your life and lives of those around you.

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