Shadows & Light: Out Trick-or-Treating

Today’s Shadows & Light card is Out Trick-or-Treating which carries the messages “We’re heee-eeere!”  This is a great card which shows three figures in Halloween costumes with a bubbling cauldron in front of them.  They are out gathering their treats and providing tricks for those that don’t wish to comply, but they seem to scare some of the people they come in contact with but they are here to tell you that they aren’t scary at all and that they are looking to share some important insights with you.  The real trick here is for you to be willing to listen to the messages that they hold deep within while not judging what they have on the outside.

Death scares people because they misunderstand it; death isn’t an end but a beginning and there is much beauty to learn from death if we’re willing to listen and embrace it.  The Jack-O-Lantern may have a scary face but he isn’t here to be menacing but to be a helper, to light the way and guide you in the darker parts of your path.  And the Witch with her cauldron is here to share her magick and remind you that you have the power to create anything you wish if you’re willing to gather up and use your power.  As these three peer in the window of your life and you look out at them are you frightened by their appearance or are you enticed and intrigued?

The message with this card today is that something in your life that might not appear in a comfortable package has a big and important message for you, something empowering and useful in your life, but you may be quick to reject it because it frightens you or makes you feel a bit on edge.  You need to learn to look past the surface, look past the labels and the things that define us on the outside.  All the trappings of fashion and appearance only give a very surface hint of who we are, and even then they can be nothing more than a mask that we wear, much like the trick or treater’s in the card.  What’s behind your mask and what’s behind the mask of others is what counts.

Be sure to take time today to look behind the masks that others around you wear and see what it is that they have to offer you.

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