Shadows & Light: Strangely Lonely

Today’s Shadows & Light card is Strangely Lonely which carries the message “Holding on way too tight”.

The girl in the image holds tightly to the Celtic Cross which symbolizes something dear to her.  It could be that it’s a symbol of her faith which she sees as something that defines who she is; it could be that it’s connected to someone near and dear to her that is no longer her.  Something has her holding on too tightly to something that is generating more of a state sadness and making her feel trapped rather than being something that she can celebrate.

What are you holding on tightly to?  With it being Samhain are you holding on too tightly to the memory of dear and departed loved one that you’re hoping to connect with as the Sabbat continues today?  Or are you holding on tightly to something else, maybe a practice of a part of your spirituality which is no longer serving your highest good and is instead holding you back from discovering new things in your life?

When this card comes up it’s suggested that not only do you need to loosen your grip on something or someone in your life, but that you need to find ways to fill the gaps with others of like mind whom you can connect with.  This is especially true for those who’s tight connection is to a departed loved one.  But when we talk about like minded people, we don’t mean people that do the same sort of work as you or people who have the same mundane interests as you, but people who are spiritually and magickally of like mind.  You have needs in this area of you life that need to be fulfilled and until you find a way to connect with such folks, people you can talk with and ask questions of as you seek deeper answers, you’re going to find you need to cling to something else to keep you steady.

Listen to what your inner self is trying to tell you about why you’re holding on so tightly and let your inner guidance bring you to a place of fulfillment in the here and now.

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