Shadows & Light: The Witch at the End of the World

Today’s Shadows & Light card is The Witch at the End of the World which carries the message “An important end, a new beginning“.  This card is one of my favorites, art-wise, and features a cute green fairy-like witch holding an hourglass with red sand running through it while bolts of lightning crack in the stormy sky behind her.  She seems sad and a bit worried but she’s doing what she is tasked with, measuring out the end of time with her hourglass.

In the deck, The Witch at the End of the World is the last card and signifies the ultimate end before a cycle starts anew.  There is no denying that things are coming to an end around her when you look at the environment she’s in.  The grasses behind her are whipping around, the sky is stormy and you can almost see the clouds shifting and the rain pounding behind her.  She is here to let you know that when a change of this magnitude has begun there really is no way to stop it.  You can wish for it to end or you can try and make changes to your course of action to prevent it, but in truth nothing can stop it.  It’s better to hang on and ride the waves of what is coming than to work so hard, expending so much energy, just to try and work against the current.

The message in this card today is that, while you might be frightened of changes happening in your life right now, there is nothing to fear and all will be well when things finish their shift.  This is something that is necessary and your only job in this right now is to weather the storm, learning and observing the patterns and changes that are taking place, and letting things just flow around you.  When the shift ends you’ll feel the peace and calm that it ushers in and you’ll be ready to move on to a new phase of life.

Often this card suggests major changes that involve some big things in life; this card can point to divorce, changes in a legal battle, even major health transitions that could be life changing.  Whatever your major shift is, The Witch at the End of the World isn’t a harbinger of sorrow of misfortune but a guide.  She is there to show you that the storm is coming, change is unavoidable, and she works to keep you safe as you wait out the storm.   She says “All is well and things will only get better in the end.”

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