Six Fixed Spell Candles for Sale!!

Hey everyone!  I’ve had a lot of requests for the fixed spell candles that I have been posting on my Facebook page.  People have been asking when and were they can purchase one for themselves and I’ve pretty much held tight to the plan that I wouldn’t be selling them until I was able to get them up into my Etsy shop in the late summer.  But since there have been so many requests and I’ve been having so much fun making them, I’ve decided to make some available now!

Currently I have supplies to make six candles.  I have 1 white, 2 green 2 red, and 1 yellow.  So what does that mean?  That means that if you’re interested in picking up one of these candles you can pick the color and desire that you need and order one now!

Below you will see the color and the intention that I can do with those candles.  For these candles I do use white for specific things, so here the “white for anything” rule does not apply.  Here’s what’s available:

White SOLD
Cast off Evil – remove jinxes, negative energy sent to you, and break curses
Blessing – general blessing work for anything you need
Healing – used to bring blessings of health and to speed along healing
Lucky 13 – for luck in anything involving numbers such as lottery, gambling, etc.
House Blessing – burned to bless a home and clear it of negative energies

Fiery Wall of Protection – brings the strongest form of protection to the home or yourself, burns back those that try to burn you
Hot Foot – sends enemies running for the hills
Love Me – used to draw a passionate sexual affair from a person
Look Me Over – burned to cast glamour spells and the get to men to pay attention to you
Fire of Love – draws out the passion and fire in a relationship that is getting stale

Prosperity and Success – for prosperity and success in any venture involving work or money
Pay Me Now – get the money owed to you from those you’ve loaned it to
General Attraction – can be used to attract money, success, and even love.
Money Drawing – draw money to you through business or gambling
Fast Luck – to attract luck in all areas including love, money, and gambling
Lady Luck – a candle specifically designed for those who visit the casinos or play casino games “professionally”

Cut and Clear – used to cut all ties to people who are making your life difficult, remove them for good
Crown of Success – gain success in creative work, job hunting, and performing
Good Luck – attract lots of general luck to your life to help make times easier with luck in love, work, and money
Dispell Depression – use this bright light to chase away the blues

All of these candles come fixed, meaning they are dressed with herbs, oils, and glitter, and then labeled with an appropriate paper representing the intent of the candle; the candle is also magickally activated and prayed over so that it’s ready to use when it arrives to you. There is also a back label is added which includes both a recommended traditional Psalm and a more Pagan themed prayer, chant, or incantation for using the candle.  The label also includes any additional instructions that might be necessary.

These candles are really great for adding to any existing work, to help jump start future planned rituals or spells, or to just do the job itself.  They’re simple to use and come from a time honored magickal tradition of candle work.

There are two options for these candles.  You can purchase a candle and have it shipped to you for you to use at your home or office, or you can opt to have the candle burned and worked for you here on my client altar.  The choice is yours!

Candles shipped are $25 (shipping included/additional shipping may apply for international sales).
Candles burned here are $15.

Interested in getting one?  Remember, there are only SIX AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW!!! These will go fast, but more will be available soon!  If you would like to order one email me with the color you’d like and the listed intention you’d like it crafted with, and then let me know if it’s something that will be shipped to you or burned here (for orders outside of the US or Canada I would recommend having the candle worked here).  As soon as a color is no longer available I’ll cross it of the above listing.  I am also happy to take names and orders on a “waiting list” for next week if you wish to have something that goes out of stock.

Not sure what to pick?  Just let me know your situation and I can recommend something!

If you haven’t, be sure to take a look at my post on how I make these candles! And check out my Facebook page for pictures of ones recently made and worked!


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