So much for that dream job as a Witch!

A while back you might recall that there was quite a stir around the Witchy world when the Sommerset, England tourist attraction, Wookey Hole Caves, held a massive audition for a Witch to man the “Witch’s Cavern” portion of the attraction (see this post from back in July).  The winner would live in the caves, granting wishes for visitors and living their Witchy life for everyone to watch as they pass through the maze of caves.  The winner, Carole Bohanan, beat out over 3,000 people for the job which came with an $80,000 a year paycheck, is getting the pointy boot in the butt after Halloween.


According to The Mirror, Carla Calamity, the character name that Carole uses, isn’t much of a people person.  The former real estate agent turned “professional Witch” (and I use that all very loosely given the context here) may need to go back to her day job selling houses once the Witching Hour passes on Halloween night.  While the attraction owner, Gerry Cottle, says that she isn’t right for the job Carole has said she felt it was going well.

“I have given it my best effort. People were saying I was doing a good job.”

 It will be interesting to see what happens next for the attraction.  Will they take a runner up to fill her place once Halloween passes?  We shall see!

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