I don’t usually post this stuff on my blog, but…

Usually I don’t do blog posts that have anything to do with special discounts on programs I’m offering but this one is really super special and important and the high level discount ends today and I wanted to make sure I answered some questions and let you know all the specifics where you wont miss it.  It’s also important because it is timely given that 2014 is not just a matter of weeks away.

This all has to do with my Soul Biz Clarity Sessions.  This has become my absolute favorite thing to do and I anticipate offering more and more business focused coaching, programs, and products in the future along with all my other spiritually based offerings.  The reason is that my biz coaching is spiritually focused which is something I’ve found is largely missing when it comes to training for entrepreneurs.

If you’re someone who wants to really know how to create and successfully develop an online business where you’re working with spiritual products, and especially services, you’ll find that a lot of the traditional business training out there, even things aimed at the coaching field, doesn’t work that well.  From my own experience with my business and taking plenty of entrepreneurial training, the reason these things don’t work because they are too masculine.  On the flip side one of the reasons many spiritual teachers, coaches, healers, and readers end up failing at their online businesses is because they don’t bring in those masculine energies and end up with a business that’s full of almost entirely feminine energy.

Like all things in life, your business needs balanced energy too!

Bringing in some of that masculine energy that deals with facts, systems, and planning will actually give you more room and more energy to put into the feminine things that your business is naturally geared too.

The problem that I’ve come across is that there are SO FEW business coaches or teachers out there that get the very important and unique nuances that come with a business aimed at a spiritual audience.  I developed all of my business based coaching out of my own frustration from not being able to find anyone that could not only teach me what I needed to know but also could do it while understanding the type of people I was working with.

So if you’re someone who falls into one of these areas you might find that working with me in a Soul Biz Clarity Session will really help you get some much needed focus and direction for 2014 so your business really has a shot at taking off!

Tarot Readers
Reiki Healers
Crystal Healers
Spiritual Teachers
Spiritual Mentors
Intuitive Coaches
Angel Readers and Healers
Spiritually-Based Product Business

OK, so what am I really here to tell you?

I’ve been running a pre-2014 discount on my Soul Biz Clarity Sessions and today one of those offers ends at midnight {Pacific Time} and I wanted to let you all know about it here in case you haven’t run across it.


My Soul Biz Clarity Sessions are designed to help you figure out some very specific things: 

  • What it is that you are ACTUALLY selling {it’s probably not what you think}
  • Who you really are trying to help {if you have the “I’m here to help everyone” mentality you’re killing your business}
  • How to write for your website, blog, and freebies for your people so they really know you get them and their problems
  • Know exactly which of your spiritual gifts and skills you should put at the forefront of your business
  • Have a solid list of things to work on and the tools and resources to do boost your biz


A Soul Biz Clarity Session comes with:

  • 1 private coaching session where we’ll spend 90 minutes together on Skype or the phone where we’ll get everything out in the open. You’ll let me know what you want to do with your biz and I’ll help you get clarity on how to make it happen and put a plan in place to do it!
  • Pre-Session worksheets, three of them, and a pre-session survey that will get you clear on your gifts, your purpose, and what the real intention for your business is.
  • A personalized action list created specifically based on what we’ve talked about and the big to do’s we’ve gone over to grow your business from wherever you are right now.
  • Post-Session worksheets, a nice big packet of worksheets and exercises, as well as a 3 month to-do list. Create your blog schedule, create your first opt-in for your email list, find how you can stand out from your competition, learn where your money is really coming from, and so much more!
  • An MP3 recording of our session so you can go back and revisit it time and time again.
  • A “3 Months In Your Biz” tarot reading, consisting of 6 cards to guide you on the next three months of creating your successful biz.
  • Email followup two weeks later where we’ll look at where you are, how you’re doing with the work, and I can answer any additional questions that you might have.


The investment for a Soul Biz Clarity Session with me is normally $497 but I really want to help as many people as I can before 2014 who are committed to creating their business or taking it to the next level in the coming year.  Having total clarity, even if you have a business already and it feels sort of like it’s not getting anywhere, is the KEY to success!   I was able to uplevel my business in 2013 to the point where I made 4 times what I did in 2012 and now have the plans, clarity, and vision to make 2014 a year where I’ll do that again and then some!

I want to help you do that too!

So until midnight tonight, November 30th, you can get a Soul Biz Clarity Session for only $297! 

If you miss tonight’s deadline, fear not!  You can invest in your session between December 1st and December 21st and get it for $397!  

You can read more details about these sessions, and see what some of my past Soul Biz Clarity clients have to say about their time working with me over here.  You can also book your session there but you can also click the banner below to book your session RIGHT NOW!


bookit copy


Take action and take control of your dreams with your business!

Have questions?  Ask away in the comments! 

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