Soul Compass for April 24 – 30

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been around with a Soul Compass post. Lots of things going on right now and lots of changes on the horizon. I’ve been specifically taking time for myself though because I’ve been in a great need for self-care down time. I’ve been vegging out watching the new season of Mystery Science Theater 3000 {and loving it!}, obsessively playing a game called Wood Block Puzzle, went to see my favorite band live, and I’ve been reading like five books at once but I’ve been paying particular attention to Tapping Into Wealth by Margaret Lynch. And I feel like fate intervened on my behalf by making the Unicorn Frappacinos sold out at all the Starbucks stores around me. That was probably best.

Right now I’m working to get things back into focus this week so we’re going to kick things off with a Soul Compass reading.

This week I’m using two decks from Hay House, Colette Baron-Reid’s new tarot deck The Good Tarot and Louise Hay’s Wisdom Cards. Here’s what we have for this week:



I found this pair showing up together really great because I feel a bit like this affirmation really embodies the Page of Fire. The Page of Fire is curious, creative, passionate, and sometimes a bit reckless. Not in a bad way, but in that way where when you’re young and don’t know any better you do stupid things that can teach you some valuable lessons later on. When the Page of Fire has an idea, they act!

This week you may find that you’re really feeling like you’ve got some top notch ideas that need to be manifested in the world. But not ones that you want to take time to develop and think about, but ones that really need to be birthed NOW! And this is good.

Too often we feel like we have to spend time thinking about every tiny little thing and every little step before taking action on something that’s come to mind. When the Page of Fire shows up this week she’s here to ask for you to do the opposite. Sometimes this thinking just leads to good old “analysis paralysis” and before you know it you do nothing and the idea dies.

The Wisdom Card this week reminds us that our reality is of our own making. The things we think, the things we believe, and what we put our attention on is what manifests and creates our reality. It’s funny, when I saw the image of the little magician on the card it absolutely felt like a reminder that our lives are magick, they are manifestations of our own creation.

The Page of Fire is telling us this week that it’s time to get off our asses and start manifesting some epic shit! 

You ARE a magician…you’re a magician working the greatest spell you’ll ever cast…the spell called LIFE!


Take action this week!

⭐️ Don’t believe that you’re a powerful magician in your life? Ask yourself these couple of questions:
“What are some of my biggest challenges I’ve overcome?”
“What am I move proud of that I have done for myself in my life?”

⭐️ Next ask yourself one of the biggest questions of all:
“How would my life be different and where could I be right now if I truly believed in myself?” 

⭐️ When you get a vision for where you could be, ask yourself how you could get closer to that. And most of all ask yourself: “How do I want to feel?” Does the way you want to feel align with where you think you would be if you believed in yourself? Get them in alignment and take action by making a list of 5 small steps you can take, one each week, for the next five weeks to manifest your miracle life.


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