Soul Compass for April 3 – 9

Now we’re into April and we’re about to head into our first Mercury Retrograde of the year on Sunday. So this week, while we’re looking at the energy of the week as we always do, I’m also putting the intention into the start of the Mercury Retrograde. The intention that I’ve focused on is to get some insight into how we can start off the retrograde for the best possible experience.

This week I’m using a tarot deck, The Wild Unknown Tarot, and a crystal oracle deck, Lavish Earth. This is one of my favorite crystal decks, so I hope you enjoy this one. Let’s see what the cards have to say.


8 of Swords ~ Shattuckite


Looking at the week ahead, the 8 of Swords comes in like a wakeup call. It’s springtime, we’re deep into the energy of renewal, yet here a butterfly remains partly in its cocoon, almost like it’s afraid to face the world outside. Sure it can be a little rocky and uncertain, specially when you know you’re going to have to face the swords that are waiting, but is that really a reason to hold yourself back?

Shattuckite is a throat chakra stone. It specifically encourages speaking through fear. This is about speaking your truth and the power of the energy and vibration of speaking things into existence.

When we speak, literally using our voice to make sound, we create a vibration. This vibration does a few different things. Energetically within the body it helps to break up and move other lower energy vibrations that create blocks in our lives. This vibration also sends energy out into the universe that also attracts things we need to us to help us heal and move forward.

Shattuckite also helps to see all sides of a situation as a way to help you make new and better decisions. On the card there is a quote…

| There are things to be said that enrich the world and things that need to not be said. ~ Joni Mitchell

This week it may be that the things you need to say in order to free you from a self-imposed prison, are those things that can enrich your world beyond what you think.

Look at what’s going on around you this week and where you have felt or are feeling that you have been ready to make a leap or make a change but then you’ve stopped yourself. You might be feeling like it’s someone or something else that’s held you back, but the truth is it hasn’t been. If you would just say what your heart has been screaming to say the vibration of that sound would clear out all those things that have been in your way…including the ones you’ve put there.

Check out this post that might lend a little help if you need to get an idea of how to work with your throat chakra. 

When we look at the start of the Mercury Retrograde…

How can we get ourselves set up for an easy peasy retrograde? Know that you have more power over how you feel and what happens to you than you give yourself credit for. Make a commitment that during this retrograde you’re going to speak your truth, speaking from the heart, and taking the time to evaluate communications between yourself and others before freaking out.

Mercury is the planet of communication and technology, so this is an extra important message. You might be feeling trapped by a situation and powerless to change it, but if you just speak up and speak your truth you’ll be able to spread your wings and fly.


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