Soul Compass for Feb 13 – 19

Today when I was getting ready to do the Soul Compass reading I was thinking that I would bring out some angel cards. It’s been a minute since I’ve used them for a weekly reading. As I was searching around in my bin of angel card decks I realized that I had some of my lenormand decks in there as well. I remembered that when I last reorganized my decks I started to put the angel decks and lenormand decks together in one bin since they take up the smallest portions of my deck collection.

Without really planning it, I reached in and grabbed a deck that turned out to be a lenormand deck. It’s a good one too, the Sirens Song Lenormand by Carrie Paris. If you’re not familiar with Carrie and her awesome oracles she makes, head to her site and check her out. One of my other favorite lenormand decks, the Lenormand Revolution which is inspired by the French Revolution, is from her as well.

When I use lenormand cards to do the reading for the week it’s a little different than usual. I’ll share the cards in the typical Mind – Body – Spirit positions but I’ll also read them together in the usual 1-2-3 lenormand style at the beginning.


So here we go! Here’s your Soul Compass for February 13 through the 19th.



Mind – Whip

Body – Stork

Spirit – Woman


Lenormand View for the Week

Passionate debates and discussions create an opportunity for you to birth something new in your life or into a relationship, especially one that involves a woman regardless of whether it’s a romantic or platonic one. You’ll need to be mindful of the need to nurture things and use a feminine approach to get your point across once the initial heat cools off. The debate sparks the creative flame but it needs careful tending to grow into a full fire of creation.



Soul Compass Reading…

This week we find ourselves really guided but the power of the Whip. We’re feeling anxious, a need to take action, to get moving, to stir up shit if that’s what it takes. You aren’t happy with things being status quo anymore because the more you flow with that the more you feel irritation rather than a sense of calm. It’s funny how sometimes out of the blue the things that we see as being “normal” suddenly feel foreign and just don’t fit anymore.

You’ll likely find yourself butting heads with people that you usually get on with fine. You start to realize that you’re not OK with what you were OK with in the past. There is a nagging need to create change through disruption. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing and it doesn’t have to be wrapped up in total chaos. It’s all in how you view this powerful urge to create change.


When it comes to actions, the Stork shows up as a sign that YES you have to be the one that does all the work here. And that’s OK because Whip has you really feeling it. You’re ready like you weren’t before. In fact you probably feel like you’d rather be the one steering this ship rather than leaving things to chance or in the hands of someone else. You probably feel like you’re the only sane and awakened person you know right now!

The thing that you need to be mindful of here with your actions is that you may not have others as on board with change as you are. You’ll have to be the one to deliver the news and the ideas in a way that makes sense and connects for people. This isn’t about pushing people to do things your way or see things you way, but to actually get people to think!


The lesson from Spirit this week is that using that feminine energy, that more calm and nurturing way of approaching something, can be the best way to bring new ideas and change into the world. Even just think of this with the idea of Stork + Woman as a pair of cards, we’re seeing the idea of giving birth. Birth is painful but brings something beautiful into the world. Whatever the idea is that is sparked from something painful this week needs to be nurtured and brought into the world through the motherly, yin-like energy. Brute force isn’t the answer…nurturing is.



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