Soul Compass for June 19 – 25

This week’s Soul Compass is going to be a quickie using a really great deck if you’re new to tarot and looking for a quick way to learn. It’s called the Rock-n-Roll Tarot. It’s an indie deck from last year by Vickie Verlie.

This deck takes the essential elements of the Rider Waite images and combines it with classic rock style poster art to display keywords and card names. It’s really great if you want a fun way to become more familiar with the traditional aspects of the tarot.

So this is going to be a quick one because these cards just lend to super quick messages. Let’s look at the week ahead with the Mind, Body, Spirit spread. Because these cards are a bit on the larger side I’ve put the images here in a bit of a different way than I usually do.


Mind – Two of Pentacles

Body – Knight of Wands

Spirit – Queen of Cups


On your mind this week the Two of Pentacles suggests a focus on balancing that checkbook! To me the Two of Pentacles can also point to the need to balance your emotions around your finances. Either way, there is a balancing act that needs to be done with money this week and it might be wise to not let your emotions dictate what you do.

Start with looking to see what bills or debts that you need to pay that you haven’t. Face your finances! If you have been avoiding looking at those bank balances and credit card bills, at least get real and see what’s what. You might not be able to pay it all this week, but at least you’ll know where you are.


We come into the action card this week is a powerful action motivator, the Knight of Wands. Where the Knight of Pentacles approaches money with a bit more of a thoughtful approach, the Knight of Wands is a bit more willing to dive in and get stuff done while thinking about it at the same time. This just bolsters this idea of start doing something even if you don’t know where you’re going to end up, at least you’re doing something!

Another thing that the Knight of Wands recommends this week is that you get a little aggressive with your budgeting. Look for ways to cut expenses. You might also want to look for quick {but legal!} ways to make some money.


Now the lesson from Spirit. This comes to us through the Queen of Cups. She reminds us that our are emotions have a high effect on our money, career, and overall financial health. You may find as you go through your money this week that emotional spending has been a big reason that you’ve had some money woes.

I also see the Queen of Cups in a money or career related reading as a reminder that if you’re not doing something you love, you’re never going to make the money you want or be happy with the money you make.


Have a great week everyone!


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