Soul Compass Jan 2 – 8

Finally, it’s 2017! Just when you might have thought it was never going to happen, 2016 is now history and we have a whole new 365 days to play with. Let’s make them count!

For our first weekly reading of the year I’m using an old favorite, the Lumina Tarot. I have a feeling this will be one of a handful of decks you’ll see most often around here this year. I’m using the Second Edition today which arrived just before Christmas. I haven’t had the time to go through the First and Second Editions side by side to see the changes, but when I do I’ll be doing an updated review of the deck. There was one card change that I noticed the minute I started going through the cards that I wasn’t totally happy about but I’m living with it.

Here’s what the Lumina Tarot has to say for our first week of the year.



Mind – Maiden of Cups

Body – Ace of Cups

Spirit – Ace of Pentacles


As we coming into the new year the Maiden of Cups greets us with big energies for our new beginnings. She reminds us that listening to your Higher Self and being willing to take a beginners mind, especially when it comes to mattes of the heart and spirit, are how you’re supposed to start something new.

For many of us as 2016 began to come to an end we started to look toward 2017 as a whole new beginning after a lot of struggle and challenge. The key message that the Maiden of Cups gives us here is that we need to remember that in order for this new beginning to actually happen we have to let go of things that weighed us down in the previous year.

You can’t come into 2017 with the same mentality you had in 2016 and expect that things are going to be different! This week you’ll find yourself turning toward your inner monologue and looking for what needs to be changed with how you talk, think, and perceive things so these changes can really take hold.


The action card for this week is the Ace of Cups, another hint that all new beginning this year need to start with the heart. While it may be winter it is time for a spring of the heart!

The Ace of Cups tells us that it’s time to take action to renew our sense of love and joy, which always start from within. This week you’ll find that taking the time to reconnect with your inner seer and being able to listen to and trust your Higher Self will help to create this sense of renewed joy. For so long you’ve turned off this voice and favored the voices of others which has taken joy away. To fulfill the message of the Maiden of Cups you need to take hold of that chalice with both hands and drink deep this week.


And finally, why has Spirit given us this challenge this week? Because you need to remember that above all else YOU are responsible for your own happiness. Nobody else is under any obligation to do anything for you, especially make you happy. Sure we have people in our lives that do bring us joy and pleasure, but at the end of the the day that’s a cherry on top of having them in our lives to begin with.

The Ace of Pentacles is also a card of manifesting. Don’t forget that if there is anything you truly want done this year you have to be willing to get your hands dirty and really take action and DO something. This will not be a year for sitting around waiting for things to fall into place or for the opportunity you want to come to you like past years. This is truly a year where what you get out of it will be a reflection of the effort you put into it.


I find it interesting to see these three cards together this week. The Maiden of Cups is the Maiden of Spring, the maiden of new beginnings and rebirth. Following her are two Ace cards, the seeds of the elements in the tarot and the cards that represent the true essence of their suits. The Ace of Cups is the pure power of water while the Ace of Pentacles is the pure power of earth. They are cards that tell us to reach out and grab these energies in their rawest form and create with them. You have the power to truly create your future starting this week, so don’t let it slip through your fingers!


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