Soul Compass for Jan 30 – Feb 5

This week for Soul Compass I thought I would bring out a tarot deck that I don’t use very often. It’s one that I know a lot of people love but from the moment I got it I was disappointed in it because of the deck size.

**Just a quick note:

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The Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law is one of the my beautiful decks on the market. Stephanie’s art is bar none some of the most gorgeous fantasy artwork you’ll ever see. As a fan of her work for some time I was excited when she was working on this deck for Llewellyn. But I was disappointed when the deck size was standard tarot size since her artwork is so detailed and intricate.

Obviously this is a personal preference. There are tons out people out there that love this deck and use it often. And frankly, I have nothing against the deck itself, I just wish the cards were larger to better showcase the great images that were used.

Let’s bring them out and have a look at what Spirit has to say for this week.



Mind – Two of Wands

Body – The Emperor

Spirit – Queen of Wands



One of the first things that I noticed when laying these cards out together was the progression. If we look at them real quick as Situation, Action, and Outcome we can see looking for answers to make a decision and plan for the future and being able to accomplish creative success and happiness through structure and creating a solid foundation. Good advice, I’d say!


Looking at them for our usual reading for the week…

This week you may find yourself being drawn into a bit of future tripping. While we always need to remember that being present is key to creating our future, we do need to take time to vision what the future should look like. That’s what you’ll find happening as we see the first month of 2017 end. You might already find yourself thinking “What the fuck am I doing with myself?!”

As you begin to get an idea of what you want to do with 2017 now that reality has set it that it’s happening, look toward others who have already gotten things off to an awesome start. It doesn’t matter what specifically you’re addressing here, whether it’s career, creativity, health, love…we all have something we want to improve this year. When you realize a month has gone by and you haven’t made any progress you need inspiration, and that’s where you’ll find your energy is best spent this week.

Find inspiration around you through those that have been doing the work and seeing results. This doesn’t mean trying to emulate what they have done but rather finding an example you can look to and say “If she can do it, I can too!” Use this inspiration to create just a few solid changes in your routines. Don’t get nuts and try to do too much! This will just hold you back even more. Create one or two shifts, no matter how small. Building a solid foundation for the future takes time and precision.

The lesson from Spirit this week is about accomplishing your dreams and learning how to do it in a way that feels good and feeds more energy into growing those dreams. It’s important to remember that any goal or dream you have never truly ends. Think about it; the last time you had a big goal you wanted to achieve, once achieved, did you just stop caring about that goal? No! You probably worked to perfect it, take things a little further or you leveled up to the next phase of what you’re doing.

The reason you’ve found yourself in this position this week is because you need to learn that dreams take time to grow. Yes you can get to a point where you feel like you’ve accomplished something, but that doesn’t mean things end. And you can’t get to that first stage of accomplishment when you’re going at everything all willy-nilly. Even when you’re working on something creative, structure and foundation are tools to help you grow. They don’t have to be constrictive, instead see them as constructive!


Tomorrow, January 31st, is the LAST DAY to pick up a 2017 Power Animal Reading! 



Power Animals come and go in our lives and each year we have a specific spirit animal that connects with us because it is has medicine {or energy} that we could use during this year. Knowing your power animal for a specific year helps give you a connection to an energy source and ally to help you when you have challenges.

You can also look at these challenges during your year through the eyes of your power animal. For instance, if your power animal for the year was Dolphin, you might ask yourself “What would Dolphin do in this situation?”

Your reading will come with full details about the kind of energy your power animal has, how it can help you during the year, and when you might really want to use them to help you. Your reading will also come with suggestions and some small rituals that you can use to help you connect more with your power animal.

And as a little extra I love to pop in some numerology. I’ll let you know what your Personal Year Number is and what it means to you, as well as how it relates to your power animal.


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