Soul Compass for July 25 – 31

Happy end of July! We have just one week left and another summer month is going to be done! It’s almost hard to believe how quickly the year is flying by.

This week’s reading is going back to the old three card format. Some of you reached out and said the five card compass spread was just way too much to take in, and I totally get that. I hear you completely and love your feedback! So we’re back to our three card mind/body/spirit spread.

For our deck of the week, I felt a pull toward Denise Linn’s Gateway Oracle. I love Denise’s decks, and this is one of my favorites. It always seems to give helpful and hopeful guidance when we’re dealing with challenges. I know many of you have felt emotionally and spiritually challenged with all that’s going on in the world, so this felt like a great time to bring this deck out.





Mind – Starting Fresh

Body – Cultivating Prosperity

Spirit – Coming Into Power


We start out the week with Starting Fresh, which comes not uncorroborated! Every Monday I pull a Power Animal for the Week card on Instagram and this week I pulled Bear. Bear has the medicine of waking up from spiritual hibernation and getting ready for new starts and new beginnings.

This week we’re being asked to look at the new opportunities around us and to embrace these opportunities, especially if they come in new and different ways than we might have expected. There is a balance in life and the Universe where we have our ups and downs, so it’s time to start seeing the ups and running with them.


The actions for the week are signaled by Cultivating Prosperity. I love the affirmation on this card: “The abundance of the Universe is pouring into my life.” You have to be willing to see it and accept it when it’s coming, and by all rights, the signs seem to be there.

The problem with feeling like you lack abundance and prosperity often comes from doing nothing when it’s headed your way. We expect manifesting or receiving blessings to be effortless when in fact it all takes a LOT of effort. This week receive the seeds but then you have to get into the fertile garden of the mind and spirit and sow them! What actual actions will you take this week to use that energy of renewal?


The lesson from Spirit this week is about stepping into our power. It’s time to stand, be who you are here to be, and accept this new beginning as a time to shine. It’s OK to be strong and prosperous and spiritual all at the same time. It’s OK to work actively toward your own abundance.

One thing I always like to remind people, and I feel it strongly in this lesson, is that when you’re prosperous, you are able to give more to others. As you work to step into your power and to own your abundance, spread it around. That’s part of the power of being both spiritually and financially abundant.


To Sum Up The Week…

This week is a time for fresh starts. A new beginning toward your abundance and prosperity is coming your way. Are you willing to step up, claim it, and use it? You may have missed it before so think of this as the Universe giving you a second chance. Things will move swiftly though so don’t think about it for too long. Act!

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