Soul Compass for June 12 – 18

This week I’m diving into our week ahead with one of my all time favorite tarot decks, The Gaian Tarot. And we’re going to go old school with our reading for the week and we’ll be using the Mind, Body, Spirit spread. So let’s dive right in.



Mind – Seven of Fire

Body – Five of Water

Spirit – Seven of Air


This week we start out with the Seven of Fire, a card that reminds us that it can take a lot of risk to express ourselves creatively and that at times we need to be willing to defend our right to be who we are here to be.

You may find this week that you’re feeling the pressure to fit someone else’s mold for you…or maybe you’re trying to make someone else fit the mold you have for them. Expectations can be a bitch! When we feel the need to live up to the expectations of others we can end up holding back our true selves. And when we try mold others to fit our own expectations of them we miss out on seeing them for who they really are. Focus this week on trusting yourself and being strong in who you are. Stand up for yourself even if that means not meeting up to someone’s expectations.


When it comes to actions this week the Five of Water comes in a warning of what not to do. It can be easy for you to fall into a foggy funk when you start to feel that you’re being pushed by others or when you feel that you’re ability to express yourself is being repressed. But rather than falling into this dark space and taking a “woe is me” stance, use this as an opportunity to go within and find answers. Are you missing an opportunity to get out of this situation or feeling? It’s possible that there is a way out but you’re unconsciously choosing to be in this fog?


The lesson from Spirit comes in the Seven of Air. The lesson here is about choice. When you find yourself in a situation where you have to focus and make a choice, you need to take the time to make an educated choice. Check out the landscape, see what your options are, and make a plan. In the case we see in these cards here, the lesson is about how we feel. You choose to feel that funk or you can choose to strike and stand up for yourself and say “This is who I am regardless of who it is you want me to be.” When you don’t give yourself the time to weigh your options out when it comes to how you want to feel and what you’ll do about it, you just cheat yourself in the end.


To Sum It Up…

Be on the look out this week for the possibility that you could find yourself in a situation where someone else is trying to tell you who you are and who you need to be in the world. Maybe they feel threatened by your strength and confidence or maybe they feel like they know what’s better for you than you do. You could find yourself pulled into a bit of a sadness and a fog as a result of this, feeling like you aren’t good enough and you start second guessing who you are. Don’t let this happen!

Spirit brings you this lesson as a chance recognize that you have a choice of how you’ll let something and someone else make you feel. Ultimately this is about power…how much power do you let someone or something have over you and dictate how you’ll feel?

It’s also interesting that the reading this week is bookended by Seven’s. Seven is the number of inner work, reflection, and discovery. This makes me feel like this is a week where whatever challenges you are faced with come down to lessons about realizing who you are and what you’re made of.

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