Soul Compass for June 4 – 11

This week we’re going to dive right into our Soul Compass reading using one of my favorite tarot decks right now, The Modern Spellcaster’s Tarot. If you haven’t checked this one out have to give it a look and pick it up. It’s beautiful!

This week we’re going to change up our spread and we’re going to use one of my favorite three card quickies, the Stop Start Continue spread. With this one we’re looking at what we would be best to stop doing, starting doing, or keep doing this week.

Also a little different this week, I’m going to use any reversed cards. For years I’ve not worked with them but recently while studying for my Biddy Tarot Certification I started making them part of my readings again. Not in the sense of a reversed card being the opposite of the upright card like some people see them, but more as a sign of blocks, challenges, or internal energy that we need to work through or start expressing in order to move forward.

Here’s what we have this week…



Stop – Queen of Wands

Start – Ten of Cups reversed

Continue – Ten of Swords


Holy crap this is weird! Let’s unpack this bizarreness.


When we’re talking about stopping we’re looking at something that often is holding us back in the moment. Since we’re looking at the week ahead we’re really seeing things that, at least for the moment, for the week, we should consider setting aside. The Queen of Wands in this position is a reminder that sometimes we need to just chill the fuck out and go with the ebb rather than forcing the flow.

The Queen of Wands is high energy, very passionate and ambitious, and always on the go either physically or mentally. This week it’s time to slow it down and give yourself a bit of a rest. The problem might be that it feels like you’re being lazy because you’ve been in such an active state lately. But being active requires downtime otherwise you go from being productive to being burned out, scattered, and out of balance.

This week find where you can scale back and how you can pull your energy in a little bit. If you have a lot of projects or commitments right now, ask yourself which of them is most enjoyable or actually makes the best use of your time and energy. Those are the things to keep going this week, while still being sure to create and embrace that down time.


As we move to the stuff we can start this week, we find the reversed Ten of Cups. This is an interesting card to see in the start position. The first thing that comes to mind is the need to start considering how you might be looking at a situation with rose colored glasses rather than seeing it for what it is. When we see the Ten of Cups upright we are met with aligned relationships, happy friends and family, and a feeling of connection. In reserve we see that these connections may not be all they seem on the surface. It’s possible that you’re feeling a bit disconnected but either trying to ignore it or keep in inside hoping that it will just go away.

It does feel like a fitting card with the Queen of Wands in the stop position. Have you been trying hard to keep a friendship, relationship or other connection going when maybe it’s been time to let it go? Have you been putting more energy into this than anyone else involved hoping you can carry it along on your own for a while? It’s time to consider that you have to see it for what it is. It’s possible that anywhere that you’ve been feeling overworked, burned out or just plain stuck in your relationships lately has been because of this refusal to let go.


Lastly we come to the Continue card, the one that shows us what we need keep doing, even if we’ve only just started or have been taking baby steps for now. The Ten of Swords instantly feels to me like a confirmation about the need to let go. Seeing this here after the reversed Ten of Cups makes me think that you’ve been feeling this {maybe those rose colored glasses were already starting to come off} and maybe if even just in your mind, you’ve started taking little steps towards letting go, even if its been simply giving serious consideration to this thing needed to end. However now it’s time to just start to process of transition.

The image on this card in this specific deck feels like a reminder to me that everyone is human and everyone and everything dies. The king wasn’t a god and he was able to be taken down. Nothing can last forever so accepting that everything and everyone, at some point, has to meet its end can go from being a point of sadness to a time for hope.


To Sum It Up…

This week is all about slowing down and taking a real hard look at something or someone you’re connected to and getting really real with the state of things. A relationship that you’ve been trying to salvage, a project you’ve been trying to push through, or a feeling of something just not being right that you’ve hoped you could just ride out needs to be truly seen as it is, not as you wish it would be. It’s time to let this thing transition into something else because it’s reached its natural changing point. That might mean it just needs to change form or you need to let it go altogether. Either way, it can’t stay as it was…in fact it’s already been changing…you’ve just refused to see it.

And as it often goes with tarot, it seemed a little funky at first and then made a ton of sense in the end.

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