Soul Compass for March 13 – 19

Last week’s Soul Compass was done a little differently and I really liked it. I didn’t hear anything from you guys about not liking it, so I’m going to roll on with this new format for a little bit. We’re combining an affirmation or oracle deck with a tarot deck, pulling one card for each, to get an overall message for the week. If you want more specific or finite messages be sure to follow me on Instagram for daily readings. You can also find me on Periscope doing free readings Tuesdays and Thursdays around 10:30am, and of course you can always book a private reading with me any time.

This week I’m using the Tiny Devotions Intention Deck and the Sirian Starseed Tarot. Let’s see what we’ve got this week.



The Shadow card in the Sirian Starseed Tarot is equivalent to the Devil card in traditional tarot. Here we are reminded that the work of a starseed and lightworker is not always done in the light. Sometimes ancient wisdom needs to be found through exploring the darker aspects of ourselves, the world, and the consciousness of others. People who try to be healers and lightworkers and spiritual teachers of **shudder** “gurus” but who never go deep or never go into the shadow aren’t actually doing the work.

So what does that mean for you this week? As the affirmation says “Live by the sun, Feel by the moon.”

It’s time to get into your shadow, but that doesn’t mean you have to live there. One of the reasons I think a lot of people are afraid to go into the shadows is this fear of being stuck or trapped there, that they’ll have to stay and hang out forever.

You’re being asked to go into your shadow this week, to feel whatever is there and then bring it out into the light. You’re not being asked to be there for a long time, but just long enough to find the things that are niggling around in the back of your brain, weighing your energy down, and bringing them out into the light so they can be exposed, healed, and cleared away.

With The Shadow card being connected to The Devil card you might want to focus on things like what binds you or holds you back. What unhealthy addictions or obsessions do you have right now that are keeping you from moving forward, growing and healing?

Now, as an alternative, if you’re someone who’s been feeling trapped in the Shadow lately and you don’t know how to get out of it, the same message applies. It’s time to ask yourself these questions about what has you stuck, what is holding you back, and what binds you. You may be in the shadows but you’re not paying attention to what’s going on there. It’s time to open your eyes and really look at what the Shadow can teach you because it’s these lessons that will actually get you back into the sunlight.

And just as a little added depth to take this even further, we can consider the Sun and Moon cards in the tarot. The Sun is purity, nakedness, joyfulness and gratitude. The Moon is retreat, listening to the voice within, illusions, and seeing things from a shadowy perspective. It’s time to take the lessons of the Moon and merge them with the Sun. Things that frighten us at night always look different and often harmless in the light of day…because the shadows are removed.


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