Soul Compass for March 27 to April 2

Hello my loves and welcome to the last week of March! Are you fucking serious!?! I’m telling you, before you know it it’s going to be Samhain. Mark my words!

This week’s Soul Compass is using two decks that I just LOVE. The Starchild Tarot and the Sacred Creators Oracle. These are two of the decks that sit on my desk and get used daily. They are currently hanging out up here along with the Cute Lenormand, the Instaoracle, and as always the Lumina Tarot. I’m ready for any kind of reading at a moments notice.

Today is also a New Moon in Aries. I don’t know about you but I am REALLY feeling this energy. Aries is the start of the astrological cycle. It’s a time for new beginnings spurred on with fiery energy. An Aries new moon can pack a punch with getting started with new things but often that “go go go” energy that comes with this moon doesn’t stick. The motto I tend to stick with during these moons is “make the most of what you have.” Use that energy while you have it and make the most of every moment.

Let’s see what the cards say about this week and how we can work with all this spring, renewal energy.

Ten of Swords {reversed} + Creator Air

The first thing that stands out for me is that Swords is the suit of Air and then we have the Creator Air card from the Sacred Creators deck. But the fact that the Ten of Swords is reversed is like a screaming sign that this air energy isn’t getting through.

The Ten of Swords reversed is something that always feels very much like a kicking and screaming child having a fit on the floor in the toy aisle of Target. You have to leave and you don’t get to take anything with you but rather than just going and saying “OK, maybe next time” you have a hissy fit because you’re not getting your way. The Ten of Swords this week is telling us that it’s fine to resist change but what’s the point? Things change whether you change with them or not.

The reversed Ten of Swords is also a wake up call that we have to stop denying our pain or ignoring the things that we’ve been holding on to that should have been released a long time ago. Sometimes we have a negative experience that is painful, and we say we’re over it, but in reality we’re still hanging on to it and feeding that negative energy by recalling the event in our minds.

When we hold on to these things and keep thinking about them, even fleetingly, we’re feeding life into that energy. This could be something that happened 20 years ago but we still think about. Each time we wake that memory back up we add energy to it and we get energy from it. Letting it go and not thinking about it is truly the first step to moving on.

This week the Ten of Swords is trying to drag you kicking and screaming out of those memories.

Creator Air we can think of almost like the Ace of Swords; this is the beginning and the pure essence of the energy of air. Air is the power of thought, ideas, and communication.

With this card coming up after the Ten of Swords I see this as a big sign that if you would just let go of all these things that have been holding you back there would be a fresh start right there for you to embrace. Letting go of limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns {which to me feels like what don Miguel Ruiz refers to as “black magic” in The Four Agreements} is the key.

The other thing that I’m feeling here is the message that you need to basically take control of your own mind. Stop letting others live rent free in your head or pull the strings in your mind. Use that sword of truth and thought that is embodied in the essence of air and cut yourself free from those things.

This week with this new moon, the start of the spring season, and the power of Air it’s abso-fucking-lutely time to free yourself of those restrictions, all of which are self imposed at the end of the day. Even if you can point to someone else and say “well, if it wasn’t for this person…” but who let them into your life and who gave them power? Not sure? Head to the bathroom and look in the mirror, honey. It was you.

{And if you’re in the southern hemisphere and you’ve just started the fall season, all of this applies to you too energetically. The energy of releasing in autumn is just the other side of the coin of spring. It’s called “fall” for a reason.}


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