Soul Compass for March 6 – 12

Happy Monday wild witches! Today we’re going to dive into this week’s Soul Compass a little differently than normal. I’m really in the mood for changing things up right now and I thought this would be a great place to start.

But before we get into it I wanted to apologize if you got an onslaught of tweets and emails from me today about new blog posts. As part of this desire to change things up I’m working behind the scenes on some website stuff and a bunch of things went out that shouldn’t have. That shouldn’t happen again…let’s just call it a Monday morning snafu. 🙂

So, how is the Soul Compass changing? Usually I do a three card spread for the week ahead but I thought that this week I’d shake it up being doing and oracle and tarot combination reading using one card from each deck. One deck serves as the “main message” and the other as the “support/deeper insight.” You can also look at them as the first card being the “what to be aware of” message and the second being the “suggested actions.”

This week for the oracle deck I grabbed Danielle LaPorte’s #Truthbomb Deck Vol 1 and the Book of Shadows Vol 2/So Below tarot. Neither of these decks have seen the light of day in ages. In fact, both volumes of the Book of Shadows tarot have more or less never been used. To make that even funnier {and you’ll find out why when you see tomorrow’s post} I actually got rid of the Vol 1 “As Above” because I didn’t like it. But for some unknown reason late last year I felt this need to buy the complete set with both volumes. The sad thing about that was my original “As Above” was the deck with the book and the box to house both decks. Naturally that isn’t readily available anymore so I just have the two decks. Ah well, live and learn.

OK, let’s get on with this week’s reading!




Our oracle card serves as our Message from the Divine this week. It’s an important one…Be The Exception.


In a world where we feel we need to fit in, be “on trend,” be “part of the tribe,” and whatever other silly cliches you can think of, we forget that it’s actually more noble to be the exception to the rules more often than not.

The reason we usually feel that we have to blend in rather than stand out is because that nagging Ego voice tells us it’s better to be a part of the crowd so we can’t be hurt by getting criticized for doing our own thing or expressing ourselves in our own way.

This is the not the week for being a wallflower! Spirit is saying that this week you need to be the exception to the rules. More than anything you need to be the exception to your own rules that you have determined about life, the universe, and everything.

Think of it this way…failure is often the expectation while success for most people is the exception. Focus on being that exception this week.


The card from the Book of Shadows tarot that gives Support and Advice this week is The Moon.

The Moon is a card that I always associate with illusion as well as the feminine aspects of power and spirituality. It’s the need to turn into the cycles of our lives as well as our energy and emotions. It’s a call to be primal and to go off feeling and instinct rather than thoughts and meticulous plans.

When it comes to guidance on being the exception this week it’s all about dropping your awareness into your heart center and letting your intuition guide you.

What’s funny is while I was trying to type the word “awareness” I kept typing the word “awkwardness.” So don’t be afraid to get awkward! That’s the kind of thing that usually makes us exceptions to any rule!


Overall, this week is about not following but flowing, about being who you are and being amazing at it and displaying the essence of exceptionalism in all its facets. To do it, you have to let go of the illusion of who you think you’re supposed to be and just be who you are! Tune into your heart and let your intuition guide you.



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