Soul Compass for May 1 – 7

Happy Beltane! Happy May Day! I’ve been really out of synch with the sabbats this year, I’ve got to be honest. I’ve been feeling super disconnected on a few levels and with the coming of Beltane it’s been like a bit of a wakeup to get back into the flow of things. So I’m really looking forward to this reading! I’m feeling like it’s going to help with some of that boost that I, and maybe some of you, could really use.

This reading I’m going a little bit back to the old way of doing this with a three card pull from a single deck, but I created a little spread to do with it. The Seed, The Weed, The Bloom…check it out and see what’s up for this week! And if you’ve been living under a rock in the tarot world and you don’t know what the deck is, this is the Wild Unknown Tarot.



The Seed – Four of Cups

The Weed – Mother of Wands

The Bloom – Five of Swords


Oh lord…this feels funky right off the bat, so let’s dive in.

The first position, the Seed, represents what thoughts, ideas, or energies are being planted this week. Here the Four of Cups just gives me a bit of the heebie-jeebies. I don’t know if its the idea of a rat running across the top of cups we might drink out of or what! But the seed being planted has to do with how we see our own lives right now. Are we missing out on the sweetness and positives? Are we more focused on the rat than the glasses themselves?

Things aren’t perfect, or might not look perfect to you, so you’re ready to toss it all out. Others might look at your life and wonder what the fuck you’re so down about! Sure, there’s a nasty rat running around and across our pretty crystal wine glasses, but if we shoo the rat away, sterilize the glasses, and wash them in some hot soapy water, we’re all good! There’s no reason to throw out the glasses, but that might be how you’re feeling.

This week feed the Seed that helps you learn to appreciate your life a little more and to see it as it really is.


The Weed is represented by the Mother of Wands. This card is all about what needs to be weeded from the garden of our life so we can grow. Now, the Mother of Wands can have her down side. I usually see her as a very positive figure, but sometimes she can be really impatient. She can be so fiery that her passion becomes invasive to those around her. It’s like the person who suddenly becomes a vegan and they start to push their veganism on everyone around them. It’s not that they are trying to be pushy but they’re just so passionate and want to share their passion with everyone around them.

Where are you being a little too controlling or demanding in your life right now? Have you been feeling down about things not going how you’ve wanted so you’ve started to get a bit demanding so things will go your way? Are you trying to control others around you to manipulate things to go how you want? It’s time to let go of control and be a little more willing to go with the flow.


The Bloom is what is possible. The Five of Swords shows something really interesting. Usually we like to look at cards in this position as the shining light or the hope for what could happen…but this actually feels like the opposite. Rather than a positive, this shows a little bit of a negative. So I see this as a warning.

This week if you don’t let go of control, if you don’t turn to the positive and let go of the negatives, you may find yourself heading down a path of self-destruction. This could go from one bad situation to another. Focusing on one negative leads to seeing five more this week. It’s time to remember just how much your thoughts and your focus really shape your life!


So this week, it’s time to acknowledge where you’ve been focused on the wrong things and how you’ve been trying to control too much in your life, especially out of frustration or aggression because of things not going how you’d like. Know that if you don’t change this habit, things are just going to keep getting darker and darker. This isn’t a path that leads to feeling better or finding a better solution. As Krishna Das has said “You can’t think yourself out of a prison built by thought.” See where you’ve been going wrong and find a way to shift that energy.


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