Soul Compass for May 22 – 28

Happy Monday everyone! It’s been awhile since I’ve been seen on the blog. I’ve been taking some much needed downtime to focus on some much needed inner work. I’ve got lots to say about things and I’ll be sharing in some upcoming posts some of the things that have popped up and run through my head in recent weeks.

In the meantime I thought it was time to dive back in with the weekly Soul Compass post. I absolutely love this deck and highly recommend it to oracle card lovers. It’s a small playing card sized deck which makes it great for travel, and it has some of the most beautiful and vibrant images! This deck will especially resonate with those who are drawn to the Hindu deities and Hinduism, yogic philosophies, and all things spiritual rooted in India. Swing by to check it out and show creator and artist Sharron Basanti some love!

This week I’m using the beautiful meds of Shakti oracle deck using a three card spread “Seed, Focus, Action.” The first card looks at the seeds we can plant this week, the focus card shows us where to really direct our energy around that seed, and action shows us what we can expect from taking action with this energy we’re planting.



Seed – Cobra

Focus – Waning Moon

Action – Waxing Moon

The Seed this week is represented by the Cobra, the kundalini energy resting dormant within. Kundalini is a Sanskrit word meaning “snake”, and the energy itself is often described and depicted as a snake coiled up at the Root Chakra. During certain kinds of meditations, breath work, energy work, and movement, like yoga, it’s believed that the Kundalini is awakened and the snake rises up through all the chakras, coiling self around the spine. This awakening activates the chakras and energy centers often releasing stuck energy, something that can be both immensely healing as well as problematic for some people. This release can free painful energy and emotions that has been blocked for years in order to free you to achieve a state of spiritual bliss {this is one of the reasons why many teachers would never suggest activating your own kundalini for the first time and working with a trained teacher in the beginning}.

The seed to plant this week is truly about connecting to our personal bliss but this can only happen when you let go of the things that are blocking it. It’s that conundrum of knowing that in order for things to change you have to change first…if you want to see different things show up in your life you have to change what it is you’re looking at. If you feel like you aren’t connecting to bliss, joy, and happiness in your life you might find that this week presents a great opportunity to check your energy and change how you’re connecting from the inside out.

That brings us to our Focus card, Waning Moon.

Yes, yes…it’s all about release. But the thing about release and letting go of old patterns and habits is honesty. All of us have told the little white lies of release, both to ourselves and to others. “Sure, I’ve going to give up sugar,” said right before eating a big piece of cake…or “I’m totally going to start becoming a minimalist,” right before you find yourself having a light night wine fueled online shopping spree. We all do it and there’s no shame in it. The trick is that you honestly and truly need to desire for the habit or pattern to change. It might sound good to say outlaid that you’re going to give up smoking or you’re going to stop letting your family take advantage of you, but if you don’t really want to do those things it’s just words, and they don’t matter.

So when you think this week about bliss, joy, and happiness and you recognize the things that are stopping you from seeing these things in your life, you have to get honest about how ready you truly are to change these things. You might be ready to change one thing but not the other four thing that you recognize as problems. That’s OK! Small changes are more favorable to big sweeping ones because they are always more sustainable. The mission this week is to release just one thing that is stopping you from feeling blissful in your daily life.

And then we see what the Action leads to, shown to us with the Waxing Moon card.

Just as the waning moon is all about release the waxing moon is all about building up and growing. By working to let go of the things that are blocking your bliss you begin to have room to breathe real life and love into those things that you desire. Don’t worry about specifics and details, just follow your heart and your energy as you begin to free it up. And remember that this is all about taking one action, one step this week. The goal is that by the end of the weekend you can recognize that one little thing has changed and that you feel changed because of it. And if that changed feeling is a slight little taste of true bliss and joy, then you’re on your way! Keep doing what you’re doing.

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