Soul Compass for May 29 – June 4

Happy Monday, wild spirits! This week I wanted to dig deep into my bins of decks and find some decks that I haven’t used in a while. I’ve been really feeling like it’s time to do some scaling down. I’ve talked a little bit on Instagram about how I’ve gotten really into the idea of a tiny house lately, and while we won’t be getting a tiny house any time soon, we have been talking about moving into a much smaller apartment. This will be a separate post for another day, but needless to say, one of the big things that I would need to do is start scaling back on my decks. Which is HARD! So I need to start using the ones I rarely ever touch and seeing if I really want to keep them.

This week’s decks, Divination of the Ancients, is one that I got last year and haven’t used even a handful of times. I was so excited for this deck that I went through ordering it directly from Blue Angel and paying for shipping from Australia. I just didn’t want to wait for months for it to eventually be available though Amazon in the US. That’s how sick my deck addiction is! It’s a beautiful deck so let’s dig in with it.

I’m using the Seed, Focus, Action spread this week with these cards. And sorry the picture came out so crappy this week! #firstworldproblems


Seed – Dictionary

Focus – Black Cat

Action – Clouds


The seed to plant this week is around communication, but specifically the idea of how much we analyze all the communications that we have with those around us during the week. If you have a habit of questioning everything, looking for people’s secret motive and so on, this week you need to cool it. If you’ve been having some friction in any of your relationships these last few weeks it’s possible that you’ve been contributing by looking for things that are there…or insisting that you can’t take someone on their word.

On the flip side, are you making your own communication clear or are you intentionally being “hard to read” because you don’t want to flat out say something and instead hope that people will just figure things out on their own? It will serve you better this week to be an open book. Plant the seed to be open this week with the intention of making the lines of communication between you and those around you easier.


When we look at the focus and where to put your attention to do this during the week we are visited by a black cat. We’ve been told that a black cat is a symbol of bad luck but in many parts of the world the black cat is actually good luck! This week you may find that by putting your attention on the positive, looking for good luck rather than always looking for the negative will help. This is especially true if you tend to look for the negative in your communications. This week it’s all about looking for the positive!

It’s important to keep in mind too that when you’re approaching things with a positive attitude you have a better chance of manifesting a positive result. When you find yourself having a conversation with someone this week that makes you feel like you’re heading into that negative territory, ask yourself “What positive lesson can I learn from this?”


And lastly, when we look at actions for the week, we find the clouds card, which has a few different messages this week, but the one that hit me first was the idea of having to be patient in order for the clouds to part to get to the clear sky. You might find that a situation’s communication isn’t clear and you’re left in a fog, but with a little time rather than assumptions about things being shady on purpose, you’ll start to get through to the real answers you’re looking for.

The other thing is to “look up beyond the clouds” as it were for message and guidance from above. Could it be that the cloudy thoughts and clouded mind could be made more clear with a little higher guidance? Be open to the messages from divine sources because they may actually make more sense that what people are telling you right now.


In the end, this week is all about commutation, how you’re doing it and how you’re receiving it. Keep your mind focused on the positive even when you feel you’re being pulled in the opposite direction, and know that when you’re feeling confused or stuck this week, a little help from above can part the clouds. Be open to tapping into divine and higher self guidance when you need it this week.


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