A Different Kind of TOS: Your Soul Contract


This originally appeared as a guest post on WildSister.com
Have you ever found yourself wondering why it is that one person may have a seemingly charmed life while other people have to struggle to get by?

Do you sometimes feel like even the crappy things that manifest in your life were just meant to happen for a reason because of something more amazing that came out of it later?

Then you might want to have a look at into your Sacred Contract.


Before we’re born our soul agrees to a few things. I like to think of them as contracts you didn’t really agree to sign, but that you are still bound to. We don’t consciously agree to these things but they are chosen by our higher self, our soul, before we incarnate in this lifetime. We go through this process of planning out and agreeing to a Sacred Contract before each life time, as well as agreeing to some Soul Contracts.

Your Sacred Contract is the agreement that your soul makes in order to progress it’s growth while in this lifetime. This is where your soul agrees to the kinds of karmic lessons you’ll learn, experiences you’ll have, and circumstances you’ll find yourself in during this lifetime.

Soul Contracts are different because they are focused on the relationships you’ll have. These are contracts made between two souls who’s interaction and relationship, no matter how brief, are important to the progression of your Sacred Contract.

These are people who become key to the progressions in life like your parents, certain friends, romantic partners, spouses, and siblings. These souls can also be people that you only know for a brief time but who have an impact on your life and open up opportunities related to your Sacred Contract.

It’s important to know that you do have control over your life! A lot of people think “Oh, well my life is predestined then so it doesn’t matter what I do, things just are what they are.” That’s not the case.

Free will is still part of your soul’s journey. You are presented the opportunities that are aligned with your Sacred Contract but you make the decisions about how to act, what you’ll do, and what paths you’re going to follow.

Just because an opportunity comes to you doesn’t mean you have to take it. When an opportunity connected to your contract isn’t taken you will have more opportunities later. If you don’t learn the lesson or fulfill that part of your contract in this life, your soul may choose to bring it into your next life.

Karma can play a part in your contracts in both this life and the next because of how lessons are learned or not learned. This is why you find patterns around relationships and circumstances keep popping up for you.

If you can release your karma, you can fulfill and release part of your contract.


[pullquote width=”300″ float=”left”]Sometimes the lesson is to just accept something and let it go.[/pullquote]

Understand that karma isn’t always bad, but some karma gets in the way our of Sacred Contract. Karma is simply the cause and effect of your actions at the soul level. There is a thought that some of our “good karma” weighs down our soul as it tries to learn and evolve, specifically things related to the ego like the success and accomplishments related to career, money, and material things.

Letting go of your karma can help heal a lot of things in this life and future lives, but it’s not something that should be approached lightly. It takes time, depth, and a willingness to really face yourself and your shadow. I’ve tried doing karmic releasing in one sitting and it just doesn’t work, no matter how much you think it will. With the right intention and commitment it can be done and it can have a big effect on your life.

This process for letting go of your karma and for working on your contracts is one I’ve used myself and taken my clients through. I would recommend doing these steps over the course of a month. Enhance it by working with the moon – start at the new moon and work until the next new moon.


Karma Cleansing Ritual:

1. Look at your life right now and find something that is really bothering you, an issue that is causing a great deal of upheaval, pain, or stress.

Begin a journaling process of sorting out your true feelings about this situation. What upsets you? What gives you the darkest or bleakest feelings around this situation? Find the pain points and really feel them so you can understand them and why they need to be released.

2. Look into your past and see where you find similar situations or feelings. Especially search for patterns.

When you find patterns of problem behaviors or situations in this life you have most likely carried them in from a past life and will carry them into your next. This is the karma that needs to be released.

Continue the journaling on this and work out the kinks of the pattern.

3. Go into meditation with the pattern, with the intention of unlocking the details of how this impacts your Sacred Contract.

Ask to have issues from both past and present lives to be revealed so that you can better understand the lessons you’re missing and the karma that needs to be released.

Then, that’s right, more journaling! Get all the information and insights you receive down on paper.

4. Once you’ve dug into the issue, learned all you can about it, accepted and taken responsibility for your role, and feel you understand the lessons and you know what you need to be release, there are two things to do…

Begin to make a plan and come up with action steps to change the course of things.


The first and most important action is forgiveness.

Asking for forgiveness from the higher self of those you’ve wronged, forgiving those that have wronged you, and also forgiving yourself.

Other actions might involve anything from changing jobs, ending relationships, or making lifestyle changes. It’s all about creating change and taking action; action is what matters the most.

Make sure that, whatever you decide to do, you are doing it with the best, highest, purest intention. Know that these intentions and their actions are changing the course of your karma, your life, and your Sacred Contract.

The second thing you can do is a releasing ritual to make the release more real for you.

On small slips of paper write what needs to be released. Find somewhere safe outdoors where you can go and bring your slips of paper, a fireproof container, a smudge bundle {or loose sage} and a lighter or matches.

Light each slip of paper on fire one at a time and say:

“I release {what you have written down}. I release this karma and open new paths to living my Sacred Contract.”

Let the paper burn, doing this for each paper you have. When you’ve burned them all make sure the ashes are cooled and then scatter them to the winds by blowing them out of the container. Really feel the energy leave you.

Then break off a little of the sage from the bundle and sprinkle it on the earth as a thank you, light the bundle and smudge yourself. As you do this say, “I am cleansed. I am free. I welcome all the new opportunities coming my way so that I may fulfill my Sacred Contract.”


Everything is connected, there are no coincidences.

All your relationships, all the situations and circumstances you find yourself in, are all connected to your Sacred Contract in some way. When you accept that notion and know you have free will to change your life, and release your karma, you can truly unlock the power of your Sacred Contract.

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