When the Smoke Clears aka Unexpected Revelations of the Soulpreneur

Over the last several years in business, there is one thing that I have come to know above all sense. Any time you make a plan, plan for it to go in another direction.

With the last few months behind me and the dust of the emotional upheaval of the first part of the year over, I feel like I’ve come to a place where I can see things from a much better and clearer perspective. And just as I expected, I made a plan and now it’s already changing.

It was a little ambitious of me to think I’d wait two years for this. I didn’t plan to declare “I’m all done” and then find myself turning around and eating some of those words. Not all of them, mind you, but some of them.


The best way I can describe it is like this…




I pushed out all the things that didn’t work, and that kicked up a lot of dust. Now the dust has settled, and the path that I want to follow has appeared, clearly and without question.

I knew when I made the decision to close my coaching and private readings that it was the right thing to do. I didn’t want to do that stuff day in and day out. Here and there, from time to time, with special clients and things like that, yes. But every day? Not anymore. However, when I did this, there was one thing I hadn’t taken into account. My teaching.

One thing that I do love, and that I’m still doing this year is teaching. Gathering people together in groups, sharing information, working magick and sharing spiritual practices are things that I truly live to do. When I said “I’m closing up shop” I honestly never thought about my teaching!

Some of you know I have a year long group program that I teach called Cosmic Wisdom Academy. My current students are just hitting their mid-way point and wrapping up their sixth month. Over that time, we have learned how magick works, how to connect with our amazing team of spiritual allies including our spirit guides, guardian angels, and elemental guides. We’ve also learned how to find and develop our dominant intuitive sense, how to do healing with light and energy, how to work with powerful affirmations, mantras, and meditations, and they’re rounding things out right now learning to read tarot intuitively. It’s been amazing!

Why would I want to give up doing that?

I really don’t want to. And honestly, I never really thought about it!

But as I was reading over the work they had all done for the last six months and began to get their next six months organized, I realized something. These first six months were the perfect introduction, or reintroduction for some, to magick and spiritual practice. These next six months that my current students are going to do is more of an intermediate through an advanced program. In this second half of the year, they’re going to be working more ritual magick, doing shamanic work like shamanic journeying and psychic surgery, things that you can’t do if you can’t do what we did over the first six months.

That gave me an idea to turn the Academy into two different programs. Why not offer a Beginners Level and then an Advanced Level? Each six months in length with a little break in-between. Some people might not want to move on to the advanced work, but they may really love the work in the beginners lessons. Those first six months may be all they need to get where they want to go.

So I’ve decided that I’m going to launch Cosmic Wisdom Academy 2.0 in a few weeks. This will be a whole new vision for the Academy. Everything else…coaching, readings, other short courses, selling ebooks and digital stuff…that’s still not happening. Teaching the Academy, though? That’s still on the books apparently!


What is Cosmic Wisdom Academy – Beginners Level?

Cosmic Wisdom Academy – Beginners Level is going to be aimed at beginners and practitioners who have slacked off and want to boost their energy, reawaken their magick, and get back to a regular spiritual and mystical practice. Topics we’ll cover in this level of the Academy include:

  • How and Why Magick Works
  • The Core Concepts of Magick like The Four Pillars, The Three Selves, and Magickal Ethics
  • How to sense, feel, shape, and move energy
  • A crash course in The Desire Map and how to use it with magick
  • How to stop hating meditation and make it work for you
  • Connect with the elements and meet your personal elemental guides
  • Learn all about angels and spirit guides and meet your personal guardian angels and spiritual life guide
  • All about scared space and space clearing
  • How to work magickal and spiritual protection
  • Learn about energy anatomy, how to sense, feel, see, and heal the aura, and how to cut cords
  • Get a crash course in the chakras and chakra crystal healing
  • Discover how to scan the aura and psychically detect illness and conditions in the body
  • Learn how to work with affirmations and prayers so they work
  • Find out what your core intuitive and psychic gift is and how to develop and use it
  • Spend a whole month learning how to read tarot intuitively like a pro


Here are the approximate details {full details and sign-up page will launch soon}

  • Sign-up beings July 1st
  • Class will start July 18th
  • Class will run for six months with the final week starting January 9, 2017
  • Weekly Lesson books delivered in PDF format
  • Bi-Weekly classroom style webinars with replay recordings
  • Additional audio meditations and video demos during the course
  • Secret Facebook Group for discussion
  • Live dedication and completion ceremony at the end
  • Lifetime Access to the Cosmic Wisdom Academy Alumni Community at completion
  • Personal Power Animal Reading at completion of the program
  • Investment: $876 paid in full or three payments of $300

I’m really excited to present this work to a whole new group of people and bring more spiritual seekers into the fold with our family. I’ll be sharing more details to my email list peeps in the next week, and I’ll have the sign-up page and more information specific to the Beginners Level up in about a week.

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  • Shelby
    June 20, 2016 at 9:32 am

    I’m so glad to see you back! And it’s always good to remember that no matter how we plan, things always change, and usually for the better. It’s just tough sometimes 🙂

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