Tarot for the Week – Nov 15 to Nov 21

This week’s Tarot for the Week is one again brought to you by the lovely Bohemian Gothic Tarot!  This week we are visited by the High Priestess and two reversed cards, the Nine of Swords and Two of Pentacles!  Hold on cause this week might be a little bumpy!

(I apologize for the fuzzy pic!  I’ve been having a hard time really capturing the beauty of these cards in these pictures.)

In the early part of the week things seem to be in a bit of an odd “calm before the storm” phase.  You may find yourself spend a bit of time in deep contemplation of plans that you’re working on, projects that are in the works, but feeling a bit like something isn’t completely right just yet.  Something that you need to know or something that seems critical for moving forward is eluding you.  You may need to really work some of those intuitive muscles this week to work through some of the fog that you might find yourself in.

By mid-week you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed.  You be starting to feel a little bit like you’re losing it, mostly because this restless feeling is starting to impact you in other areas of your life.  Your going to need to work hard to keep yourself in track and on schedule.  The possibility of letting this completely throw you off course is there but you’re not at a place where you can’t control it.  Feelings of being too “in your head” could make your nights a little long this week.  Let go as best you can and make plans to maybe try getting to bed eariler than normal because you may very well find getting to sleep a bit tough this week.

By the end of the week, heading into the weekend, it’s possible that you may have decided that giving in to the chaos is better than trying to control.  Something about the way your attempts to control things this week is going to have you doubting that you can so you may just decide that, for the time being, it’s better to go with the flow and let things just happen around you in their own way than to try and direct it.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but plans that you may have attempted to put together early in the week are not going to go according to plan by the weekend so it’s best to let things just fall where they may for now.

This week here in the US many folks may be getting ready for the Thanksgiving holiday and you may be making travel plans for this weekend.  The message with this is a very strong one of “keep calm and carry on”.  There will be definite bumps in the road and delays to holiday travel plans this weekend but it’s all stuff that will work out for the best in the end but you wont be able to do too much to control it yourself.  Better to just let it go than stress so much over something that you can’t navigate yourself anyway.

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