Messages From Spirit – June 9 to 15

This week’s Messages From Spirit is coming to you via a tarot reading with the Wild Unknown Tarot.  It’s one of few decks that I haven’t packed up and decided to keep in my mobile office backpack for the next few weeks while I get moved.  I love this deck, but by now you probably know that.  🙂  This week we get a very interesting reading from the cards.


Photo Jun 09, 1 50 29 PM


Mind – Mother of Cups
Body – 5 of Pentacles
Spirit – The Hanged Man


So there is one thing that’s super interesting about this reading that jumped out at my instantly.  While the deck is largely black and white with touches of color here and there, in the cards that came up today the only color that really dominates the reading is red.  My mind always goes right to the chakras when it comes to colors in readings. Here that means the root chakra – passion, grounding, safety and security. Interesting!


The Mother of Cups shows up in the area of our thoughts this week.  She represents healing and psychic thought and is a minor arcana equivalent to the High Priestess.  This week you may find your mind wondering to the area of healing and gaining insights into what you need, or what you can give to others around you, to help in a healing process.  The thing about the Mother of Cups is that while she is very in tune with the world and people around her she can often miss the cues to lend this insight to herself.  Rather than seeing her own situations with clarity and empathy she can easily get down on herself, seeing herself as the victim when things go wrong.

Be mindful of your thoughts this week – catch yourself in moments of “woe is me” before they get too out of hand.  Also look at the sources of these things.  What causes you to feel down or bad for yourself, making you feel like the victim?  Why are you favoring caring for others rather than yourself right now?


When it comes to actions you can take this week the 5 of Pentacles shows up, a card centered on loss, anxiety,worry  and sadness.  You may find that this week your motivated by these feelings – you may hit a point where you really know you’re in this sad, deeply unproductive period and you’re ready to do something about it.  It’s so important when you’re in a pattern of worry and sadness that you find ways to step out of it and quite your mind, gather your thoughts, and get a different perspective on things.  These heavy emotions will drag you down quickly if you don’t tame them while you can.

Another thing about actions that my guides are showing me comes back to the idea of the root causes of your sadness and worry.  What do you need to let go of or walk away from that is causing you this stress?  Like the rose in the picture is dropping it’s dead petals, what dead things in your life do you need to drop this week to lighten your load?


And lastly the lessons of the week are represented clearly by The Hanged Man.  It’s time for a new perspective.  I love this card in a situation like this because one thing that always comes up for me in the Hanged Man is meditation.  This card is all about letting go and changing your way of seeing things and nothing accomplishes both of these things as well as meditation.  This will be a great week to pull out your meditation skills and put them to use.


This week is going to be rocky one for some, but it’s all about getting honest and real with what is important – YOU!  Others matter, sure, but when you’re not 100% you can’t give to others.  That’s the curse of the Mother of Cups – she gives when she needs to reserve.  This week start looking for where you need to let go and change things so you can give to those you want to care for while caring for yourself first and foremost.

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